Joe Biden to Democrat Base: "Stop Whining."

So poll after poll across the country shows a humongous enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats.  Democrat grassroots activists feel dispirited and betrayed by Obama over the public option, card check, cap and trade, DADT, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and more rights for terrorists. It has gotten so bad that Democrats in places like California, Washington, and Wisconsin are in trouble. Know what this situation needs? Joe Biden.


Vice President Joe Biden stoked a firestorm of liberal discontent with President Barack Obama on Monday – demanding that the Democratic base “stop whining” and start fighting Republicans instead of the White House.

Biden, speaking at a frozen yogurt plant in New Hampshire, said he wanted to “remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This President has done an incredible job. He’s kept his promises.”

Certainly I would agree that the Democrat base, especially the ones I read online, need to be reminded to stop whining; it seems to be all they’re capable of doing. The problem, of course, is that I am a rabid conservative Republican who wishes to grind them relentlessly into the dirt. Electorally speaking, of course. Biden, however, [allegedly] wants these people working for him.

Again, we’re not talking about spoiled multimillionaires or high-priced campaign consultants. We’re talking about the people who go out, of their own free will, usually for free, and vote and canvas for Democrats. Biden’s message to these people? “Stop being such a bunch of whiny babies.” I know now that the GOTV people in West Virginia are just going to be raring to go to get Manchin elected so that Obama will have easier sledding from 2010-12 now. After all, if they don’t, I’m sure Obama will run Biden out there to call them “poo poo heads” next, and that will really sting.



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