Things Go From Bad To Worse As UAW’s General Shoots New Wife

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Just when UAW Vice President General Holiefield probably thought things couldn’t get any worse, he goes and accidentally shoots his new wife.

Just two days before the New Year, Monday night’s accident marks what must have been a tough two years for the UAW’s vice president in charge of the union’s Chrysler Division.


In 2011, General Holifield, was arrested in a domestic ‘incident’ involving his now-ex wife.

Though he wasn’t formally charged, his then-wife filed a motion for a protective order.

Following his divorce, Holiefield wasted no time remarrying high-profile photographer Monica Morgan, Monday night’s apparent shooting victim.

UAW Vice President, 60-year-old General Holiefield was showing how to clean his .45 caliber Desert Eagle semi-automatic handgun when it went off.

The shot hit his wife in the back. She is Monica Morgan, famous in her own right as a world renowned photographer. 7 Action News talked with her earlier this month with the death of Nelson Mandella.

In October, despite rumors that he was being dismissed from the UAW, Holiefield announced his impending retirement in June.

Since he cannot technically be fired by the UAW (he must be voted out), in the interim before his June retirement, the UAW is currently scrambling to rebuild trust among Chrysler workers who apparently feel Holiefield did not fight for them enough.


Although she is expected to survive and prosecutors are still determining whether or not to charge him for Monday night’s shooting, for General Holiefield (and the UAW), 2014 probably couldn’t have arrived soon enough.
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