Ironic: Teamsters Called For Secret-Ballot At Hostess While Pushing To Eliminate Secret-Ballots

For the last several years, union bosses have been fighting to effectively eliminate workers’ right to vote through secret-ballot elections on whether or not to become unionized. Yet, with 6700 members’ jobs about to be wiped out, when push came to shove last week—knowing how unions can manipulate other methods of voting—the Teamsters called for the bakers’ union to hold a secret-ballot vote to let members determine whether or not to continue the strike that would close Hostess.


After buying a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2006, the union-bought House of Representatives passed the delusionally-dubbed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) on March 1, 2007.

EFCA, which gives unions the ability to do away with secret-ballot elections by replacing the secret ballot with so-called  “card-check,” is union bosses’ end game for slowing their 60-year old slide into oblivion.

Over the last seven years, union bosses have spent billions on buying politicians to enact the union-friendly legislation and make workers’ secret-ballots irrelevant.

Back in September, James Hoffa re-emphasized the importance of EFCA and why his union was fighting so hard to re-elect Barack Obama:

Teamsters President Jim Hoffa said in an interview that Obama would try to push through union-friendly measures like the Employee Free Choice Act in a second term. ‘We’ve got to motivate people to get out and vote. That’s what this is all about,’ Hoffa told Michigan delegates on Wednesday. [Emphasis added.]

However, in the midst of last week’s bakers’ union strike that killed off Hostess, the Teamsters did an about-face on secret-ballots by actually calling upon the bakers’ union bosses to allow their members to vote by secret ballot.


Today, the Teamsters Union announced its recommendation to the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) that a vote of its Hostess members by secret ballot should be held to determine if the workers want to continue their strike of the company and force it into liquidation.


…Without complete information, BCTGM members voted by voice votes in union halls. The BCTGM reported that over 90 percent rejected the final offer and three of its units ratified the final offer. [Emphasis added.]

When the bakers’ union conducted its strike vote back in September, the union used the flawed method of a voice vote–which subjects individuals to peer pressure, manipulation, and potential retaliation if they go against the masses (and union bosses):

The bakers union locals each act independently. In a voice vote, 24 of 25 plants so far have rejected the proposed pact, sources said.

Voting in that manner, a source said, shows that the Bakery leadership is interested in rallying the troops against the deal. “Once I knew it was a voice vote, I knew they were going to reject.” [Emphasis added.]

Oddly enough, with 6700 members jobs at stake, the Teamsters rightfully recommended a secret-ballot vote be taken among striking bakers’ union members.


However, while pushing a secret ballot when it served the Teamsters’ interest, the union bosses within the Teamsters’ Marble Palace want to deny everyday Americans their right to vote on unionization via secret ballot.

Now, that is ironic.



“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

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