UPDATED: Illinois High School Replaces Striking Teachers And Kids Get Educated #CTUStrike

Update: Union officials agree to end Chicago teachers strike.

On the outskirts of Chicago, where 400,000 Chicago kids and their parents are being held hostage and socialists seem to be calling the shots in the CTU strike, lies the city of Lake Forest, Illinois. As in Chicago, the teachers at Lake Forest High School are out on strike.


However, unlike Chicago, Lake Forest High School administrators are placing their kids’ education above the politics of the teachers union by doing the unthinkable–using replacement teachers.

While teachers remained on strike, the school reopened Monday, apparently with enough students and certified teachers on hand to meet state criteria. About 70 certified teachers, 20 teacher assistants, special education teachers and support staff helped provide programs Monday that included a motivational speaker, a police presentation and a yoga lesson, officials said. More than 50 community volunteers helped in the effort.

As America watches Chicago’s teachers abandon their classrooms for picket lines and parades in their red shirts, all the while flouting a seemingly feckless mayor Emanuel, more municipalities who find their kids’ education being held hostage to radical teachers’ union bosses should take note of Lake Forest’s example.


It’s a lesson that won’t be taught in the classroom anytime soon.


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