NLRB To Union-Busting Teamsters: Stop Harassing Organizers For Wanting Their Own Union

Union bosses who pretend they’re fighters for the working class often are accused by their own employees of committing the same sins that they accuse employers of doing. Very often, when push comes to shove, union bosses become the worst kind of union busters there are–because they should know better.


Take, for example, the Teamsters who, back in 2009, threatened to operate their union business if the employees at the union’s headquarters went out on strike. Or, more recently, settled a case with the National Labor Relations Board amid accusations of trying to bust a union that its own union organizers have apparently joined.

According to the Teamsters for a Democratic Union:

The International Union has been required by the NLRB to post notices that the IBT will cease harassing union organizers for joining a union. The notice includes that the IBT will not tell them they will no longer be Teamsters if they join a union, or that they will be laid off or that they cannot wear a union pin. A majority of IBT organizers voted to form a union and are seeking to get “just cause” protection. So far the IBT has refused to negotiate. [Emphasis added.]

Here is the NLRB notice that the Teamsters have been required to post:

NLRB Tells Teamsters: Stop Harassing Organizers

Imagine, unions that bust unions.


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