Random Acts of Vandalism Cause Teamsters To Postpone Funeral Directors' Strike

As late as Monday, the Teamster-represented funeral directors, embalmers and livery drivers from four Chicago-area nursing home were prepared to walk out on strike on Tuesday over an impasse in negotiations with Service Corporation International.


However, when vandals struck three out of four of the funeral homes that were to have been targeted by the strike, the Teamsters hastily postponed walking out on the dead.

“Three of those four funeral homes were vandalized…with vulgar profanity, broken windows, damage to the front door and damage to an associates’s car,” McDunn said.

The union denied any involvement.

“We certainly don’t condone that kind of behavior,” said spokeswoman Maggie Jenkins.

Um. Yeah. Okay.

It could be that the random acts of vandalism were purely coincidental. After all, it must be a regular occurrence to have three our of four funeral homes all vandalized on the same night, just before a strike is to begin. Then again, perhaps the random act of vandalism were some individual(s) way of expressing anger over the fact that the company has a contingency plan in place to bring in replacement funeral directors, embalmers and drivers.


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