Taking on The Establishment: You can't win if you don't play.

Don’t get mad. Get motivated. Then…WIN.

Our nation is drowning in debt. There are those within both political parties that, rather than taking the much-needed corrective action, seem determined—whether from their hunger for political power, their ineptitude, or just their own willingness to compromise to score points—to continue seeing this nation falter. They would rather publicly give the appearance of fighting while, privately, playing “let’s make a deal.”


The battle on the Left is clear: There is an alliance of Marxist-leaning statists that is hell-bent in destroying the free market and regulating our private lives. They are in the open now, in power, and self-identified.

The battle on the Right, while not as clear, is there as well. To win it, in order to preserve this nation, it must be fought by YOU.  Before the Left can be defeated, conservatives and those who seek to end the mad spending of both parties must win back the GOP.  And that is a battle that must take place soon.

There is a lot of frustration among “we, the people.” And rightly so. Many had thought that after November, those in the GOP “establishment” would have learned that they owed their continued existence to the movement known as the Tea Party. The establishment did not learn. There are those that would rather forget that, were it not for the Tea Party movement, the Republican Party would still be on the outside looking in. Instead, some of the GOP establishment are already scheming to rid themselves of the power of the grassroots. It’s an unwise decision that needs to be rectified now.

In addition to Texas conservatives being punished by the GOP, two articles this weekend highlighted just how badly the disconnect is between the GOP establishment and the regular Americans who do not want to see this country further destroyed by a bunch of Marxists on the Left and self-dealing politicians on the Right.


In the first piece, in Townhall, Hugh Hewitt writes of an interview he had on his radio show with Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole. Hewitt tells of Cole’s establishment disconnect with the grassroots who propelled Republicans back into the majority in the House.

The vast majority of the grassroots at the [Sacramento] rally think the House GOP got rolled on the recently completed budget deal. They are profoundly unhappy with the Beltway GOP and talk of primary opponents and support for Democrats in select races against big-spending Republican appropriators was everywhere.

On my radio show Tuesday, I asked one of the senior GOP appropriators, Oklahoma’s Tom Cole, if he had heard this criticism and whether he expected a primary fight.

“You know, look, it’s a free country,” he told me. “Anybody’s allowed to run.”


What is most striking is not Cole’s vigorous defense, but the disconnect between what I heard on Saturday in Sacramento and what I heard from Cole on Tuesday. The gulf between the grassroots volunteers of the Tea Parties and the Beltway GOP is vast, deep and growing.

Now, while that excerpt may make you simmer while shaking your head, this will most assuredly enrage you:

In a piece entitled GOP Kingmakers Wipe Tea Party Seats Off Map, NewsMax explains:

Tea party lawmakers are being targeted for elimination by their own party, as old-guard Republicans use the Census-mandated redistricting process to erase seats won by last year’s upstarts, the National Journal reports.

House freshmen from several GOP-majority states are in danger of losing out in a political realignment that rewards more connected veteran representatives. It may be cold comfort to tea partyers that the hostile redistricting process proves their point: They really don’t belong to the political establishment.

“They did not have ties with incumbents and weren’t afforded a seat at the table,” said political journalist Ed Feigenbaum.


So, the arrogant good old-boy network in the GOP is actively working to defeat the very people who put the Party back in power.  It’s time to finish what was started in 2009.

If you really want to take this country out of the hands of the Left and the career politicians on the Right, it is up to you. The fight on the Right can be more easily won than you might think—but it will take some of your time (a few hours a month) and getting out of your comfort zone.

Like it or not, we live in a two-party system. On the Left, the Democrats have become wholly owned by unions and other Marxist organizations. On the Right, however, the GOP is ripe for the pickings for conservatives and those who value a free market and limited government.

In talking to activists, there is a sense of frustration that people, after November, have gone back to sleep. I don’t think that’s the case. Rather, people just aren’t sure what they need to be doing right now.

Let’s walk through the steps:

  • Keep the message alive and expand your circle. Keep people informed (whether via e-mails, blogs or conversation, what’s going on in the country).
  • Precinct Activism. You control the precincts, you control the party. It’s that simple. Some Tea Party leaders get it, others don’t yet. The fastest and easiest way to take the country back is to become involved in precinct activism. Become a precinct committeeperson. If you leave it up to other people, you cannot complain when the inmates take over and run the asylum. Across the country, less than half of the precinct slots are filled. With a few hours a month, you can take an affirmative step in fighting to save the country. It is being done, here and there, but not nearly enough.
  • Primary the good-old boys. If your representative is feathering his own nest while helping to put your children and grandchildren in debt—or doing nothing to prevent it—either run someone against him, or do it yourself.
  • Pick your target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. [Yeah, I’m going there.] It doesn’t matter whether the cockroach is on the Right or the Left—cockroaches hate sunlight. Shine it…brightly and repeatedly.
  • Network, recruit, plan, prepare, then execute. Since 2009, the Tea Party movement has been a tremendous force for slowing down (but not stopping) an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into more of a statist nation, saddled with unending debt. However, the fight is far from finished. As importantly, more and more Americans are realizing the dire straits our nation is in and are willing to get involved. They need to be recruited. It’s not hard. All it takes is some conversation and a little prodding.

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to affect the GOP “establishment,” you have to become it.  And the path to doing that is by taking over the establishment.  Here’s a little secret NO ONE in the GOP establishment wants you to know: Over half of the party precinct slots are vacant. Vacant. You can do the math. Or, rather, to borrow that well known lottery phrase: We can’t win if you don’t play.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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