The Long Winter: A Tale of Two Squirrels

On Thursday night, after a day of shoveling about 14″ of snow, I was listening to Erick’s show (via Internet) when he took a call from a RedState reader in Georgia. The caller described how she had read one of the RedState posts about becoming a Precinct Committeeperson* and was so inspired she became one.


“Eee gads!” You’re probably saying to yourself, “Not that again!”

Well, yes. That again.

With as many readers as RedState has, while this may be preaching to the choir to a few of you, there are far more out there who haven’t heard the song, let alone actually picked up the hymnal. Further, since we only have about a year before we’re in the thick of it again, we really don’t have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines for the next 12 months opining about how screwed up the nation is and blaming the GOP establishment for having the principles of jellyfish. We need to take action.

However, because it is the week’s end, let’s keep this light and simple, shall we?

I’d like to introduce you to two squirrels: One is named Fred Squirrel, the other is named Dead Squirrel. [You already know where this is heading, don’t you?]

Here’s Fred Squirrel’s story:

Fred Squirrel knows that the only way he and the Squirrel Clan are going to survive the long, cold winter is by gathering nuts before the winter comes. The only way to gather those nuts is to get out of the squirrel nest and go collect them. As annoying as it is, if Fred and his fellow squirrels don’t go out and gather those nuts, then they become dead squirrels.


Here’s Dead Squirrel’s Story…


Dead ignored Fred and now Dead’s…well…dead. ‘Nuff said?

If you’ve been listening to Erick’s show on WSB Radio over the last couple of weeks, there’s been at least five six times (that I’ve counted while listening intermittently) that Erick has talked about getting involved to take over the Republican Party through becoming a [dreaded word here…] Precinct committeeperson.

Here on RedState, ColdWarrior has been tireless in explaining, goading, re-explaining and goading some more RedState readers to become precinct activists in order to take over the Republican Party and, ultimately, take back America.

It is not hard, but it takes a commitment to action. It takes doing more than opining, blogging and tweeting.

Alongside ColdWarrior, Ron Robinson has been extremely busy building up PROCINCT to become a fully functional site for Precinct Committeepeople. It is now a web site where you can not only get precinct walk lists for GOTV and learn how to become a precinct committee activist, but also become part of a growing network of Precinct Committeepeople from around the nation.

You should know that both of these guys are doing this on their own time and on their own dime. [Donations, I am sure, would be welcome.]

In addition, Erick has mentioned American Majority on both the radio and here as a great resource. American Majority is very active in doing grassroots training across the country in a whole host of areas, not the least of which is taking back the country through local activism.


The bottom line is this: If you want to return America to the people and Constitutional Conservatism and, if you want to save America from the left-wing politicians and their special-interest masters, there needs to be a two-pronged approach that we all have to take part in:

First, Take over the Republican Party.  Second, mobilize for Getting Out The Vote for Constitutional Conservatives in 2012.  The only way for that to happen is through the precincts. That means, unless you think the nuts at ACORN are going to elect constitutional conservatives, you have to become involved.

To borrow an old T-shirt slogan: Better Fred than Dead.

* Note: If you type in the words “committee” and “person” into google, you will find that there a far more Democrat-oriented results than Republican. [Just sayin’]

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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