Together We Thrive? The Marxist Message Behind the Memorial

Even after nearly a week of the Left’s vitriolic and unwarranted public lynching of the Right over last Saturday’s massacre by a left-wing lunatic in Tuscon, I was willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt after (by most accounts) doing well in delivering Cody Keenan’s well-drafted speech on Wednesday. Heck, even his teleprompter performed without flaw, the pauses built in right at the appropriate applause lines. Although it appears as though the Obama White House was lying in wait for an Oklahoma City Moment so the Campaigner-in-Chief could try to get his mojo back, as long as there were no Roman Candles going off, I was willing to forgive the tackiness of the T-Shirts thinking, “Okay, the perpetual campaigner has to have a campaign slogan.”


I really was willing to overlook all of that. I really was. I wanted to. I tried to. But I can’t.

Not when, this morning, I found myself reminded just how phony this President really is. It wasn’t just that the President didn’t write his own speech (most don’t anyway), and it wasn’t only that he seized the moment in a politically opportunistic way after the accusations from his surrogates were flung at everyone on the Right, from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, to ordinary Americans. No, that was irritating. But the last straw was learning the origins of the slogan “Together We Thrive” that pushed tolerating the narcissism over the edge.

The Tucson event was billed as a memorial to those wounded and those slain on Saturday by a deranged Marx-reading madman. While the President appeared to do his best to set a tone of reconciliation to the divisiveness and rancor his supporters and the media had caused (and are still causing) throughout the week since the shooting, the origin of the “Together We Thrive!” slogan was revealed to be nothing more (and nothing less) than a theme stolen from the Obama for America 2008 campaign—and, more importantly, the message behind the posting was one of those Marxist, Collectivist dribblings that is the cause of so much criticism from the Right over the past two years.

Posted by John Berry IV on February 11, 2008:

For too long Americans have been set one against the other, it is a side affect of a free market society. How can profits be maximized, how can I get the work done for the lowest possible costs.  This continually sets one group against the other, especially in the blue collar sectors of America.  It has become a part of the American Business model, whether it was indentured servants, slaves picking cotton, sharecroppers, the industrious people that built the railroads or todays migrant workers.  As long as we remain divided, fighting for the scraps that America has to offer it will be one group against the other.

What I see in Obama is a chance for a revolution. A chance for every group to participate and be heard;  A chance to live the American dream that has been denied to so many.  Together we can and will change the world and return America to the shining beacon of Hope and Prosperity that we were and that we can be again.  Only when we work together do we accomplish feats that rival any ever accomplished in the history of mankind.  Diversity is our strength, that is what this campaign brings us a promise of.  For many this is a scary prospect and thought, getting to know someone different from myself.  We all want the same basic things for example a safe place to live, health and a quality education for our kids.

In a previous career, I was the global leader of Diversity for a global fortune 500 corporation, I have studied the affects of diverse groups working together and the results can not be denied.  Together we Thrive!!!!!!!!!!!


Given that the theme was so easily identified as being part of the OFA blog back in 2008, there is little doubt that whoever the White House’s crisis campaign manager was who picked the “Together We Thrive” theme could not have read the posting below the title. This means that the White House is okey-dokey with the anti-free market message, as well as the references back to indentured servitude and slavery. There is nothing “healing” in that message.

After days of watching the Left slam the Right for the actions of a lunatic, it has become clearer than ever that Obama’s pep rally in Tucson was nothing more than an attempt to get the microphone back.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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