GOTV is Only the Beginning: Welcome to the 100-Year War

This weekend, the Marxist march Progressive Putsch into Washington will take place as socialist union bosses, their bused-in astroturf, race baiters, and other freedom haters gather to demand further redistribution of wealth and an end to free enterprise.  It will be yet a another reminder of how far and how long the war has been waged by the Left. It’ll be a sight to see: The Million Marxist March.


Welcome to the 100-Year War.

It has been two weeks since the RedState Gathering in Austin and while much has been written on these pages about the greatness of the Gathering, the time away from Austin has allowed for reflection about some of the many conversations and the conclusions to which they draw. Among all of the great people and even better conversations, for me, there was one very key takeaway from the Gathering that was raised on three different occasions on that Saturday in Austin. All three served as a reminder that leads to this same conclusion:

Many Americans are only now realizing how deeply America has been corrupted and compromised, and how long the battle ahead will be in order to save the Republic. Moreover, if American liberty is to survive the war waged from within by the Marxist/socialist/progressive movement, Americans must understand that this fight for America’s future must be fought to the finish.

‘When can we go back to living our lives again?’

On the Saturday of the Gathering, South Carolina’s next governor Nikki Haley was taking questions from the audience when a woman stood and asked a very simple question.  With some sense of exasperation in her voice, the woman asked:

“When can we go back to living our lives again?”

Sitting in the back, as several of us were, I cannot recall Nikki’s answer to the question as I was, at first, shocked by the question.  Did she not understand? I wanted to desperately to say to her and those in attendance ‘never!’ but it was not the time nor the place to do that.


After a few minutes, I realized that this poor woman was speaking more from frustration than anything else. I also realized that she, like so many, had only recently come to know how long and how hard the fight will be to take back America from the Marxist stranglehold that is gripping it.

America will not be saved in one election cycle, nor two.  In fact, it will likely take a generation or more.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” — Samuel Adams

Fifteen years. Later, on Saturday evening, the woman and I spoke for a few minutes.  After I mentioned her earlier question to Nikki Haley, she stated, somewhat sadly, that she knew we could never go back to living ‘normal lives.’  I reminded her that from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 until the ratification of the U.S. Constitution was nearly 15 years. She said she knew that, but I could tell she wished it otherwise. [Don’t we all?] We talked for a few minutes longer before parting company for the night.

How We Got Here, What it is & How we break it. The second reminder of how deeply America’s Founding Principles had been corrupted came in the form of a presentation given by American Majority’s Drew Ryan on Saturday afternoon.  Drew’s presentation ‘The System‘* was, for those who may have wondered over these past two years ‘how did we get here?’ an excellent visual tutorial on how Progressive movement has been waging a 100+ year war on American Liberty.


The 100-Year War on American Liberty & the Great Awakening. The third, significant reminder was made on Saturday night, prior to the screening of the brilliant and evocative film Fire From the Heartland.

During his opening remarks, the film’s writer and producer, Stephen Bannon, made a comment about the fact that many Americans, just like in the 1770s, never imagined themselves to be on the frontlines in the fight for freedom.  He commented that, for so many, this fight is brand new.  So many Americans are on unfamiliar ground, learning as they go.

The Long Fight Ahead. Regardless of the outcome on November 2nd, the fight for America’s future is only beginning.  The Left has had 100 years to denigrate America into believing that statism is the ideal, the collective is superior to the individual, and that a league of nations is better than the sovereignty of one. Today, our nation is controlled by collectivists and while they may be beaten back on November 2nd, the fight will not end here. Nor will it end in 2012, if Americans are serious about saving America from the enemy within.

Right now, the Left is years ahead of those who want to preserve America.  They have destroyed at least one generation and the fight ahead will be long. Right now, there are whole swathes of American society that have been so dumbed down to believe they are entitled to “free healthcare,” “free housing,” and a “free lunch.”


They believe that stealing is morally acceptable, as long as they do it under the auspices of taxation by a government that uses the phrase it as ‘getting their fair share.’  They believe that success is evil, if it results in an individual earning more than his neighbor; therefore, they must tax success in order to ‘level the playing field.’  Then, instead of looking in the mirror when they lose a job, a house, and their free ride, they demand that the government do more.  Instead of checking their moral premises, they blame others.  Why not? It’s easier. It requires no thinking, no work and it’s free.  This is the battle ahead and it will not be won only at the polls.

Freedom is a Radical Idea.  Get used to it. Right now, the Left is calling Americans crazy for wanting to restore freedom, to return to the Constitution on which the nation was built. You’re a “radical,” they say, if you believe that bankrupting the nation is not a good idea, that giving socialists control over private industry is not noble, and that turning your health over to the control of bureaucrats is wrong.  Yes, you are a radical. If that is what they believe, then learn to wear that badge with pride.

Constant Pressure, Applied Constantly. The Left’s has used its playbook wisely and to great success over the last 100 years.  With too few defenders of American freedom, America has slowly been taken over by those who believe in statism in the schools, the town and city councils, the state legislatures, and the federal government.


What was a seven-page document of parchment paper that bestowed simple freedoms and guidelines for a young nation has turned into an untold amount of laws, regulations, and edicts dictated upon the American electorate by a ruling class of bureaucrats and politicians.

If America is to return to its Founding Principles, Americans must be ready to become educators to their children, advocates in their schools, organizers in their precincts and towns, agitators in their states, and, above all, keep the pressure applied constantly and, if necessary, militantly.

Now, though, it begins with Getting Out the Vote.

The Left is organized and coordinated.  While it is demoralized, one should not assume that the Left will give up before November 2nd, nor especially after.  The Left has been on the brink of achieving all of the goals it has worked for for 100 years.  It will not give up.

The Concord Project. On September 7th, the Concord Project was launched as a tool to teach Americans who are new to this fight basic GOTV techniques. More importantly, the Concord Project provides a platform for activists and groups to coordinate their efforts, as well as a vehicle for fighting for the future.

November 2nd is a mere month away. The Left is in a panic right now because it may face another setback to socialism. But, that only depends on amount of Americans who can get out to vote.

However, if you want to save America, there must be wide-spread acceptance of the fact that we will never, as the woman at the Gathering knew, go back to our ‘normal lives.’


GOTV is only the beginning.  Welcome to the 100-Year War.

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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