Hillary Clinton's Agenda Will Add Over $2 Trillion To The Deficit

For Democrats, nothing makes them happier than spending other people’s money.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, she wants to spend enough to increase the deficit by $2.2 TRILLION. That’s a whopping three times more than the revenue the U.S. Government plans on bringing in, according to an independent study by the center-right American Action Forum.


“The proposals would increase the deficit by $2.2 trillion due to revenues increasing by $1.3 trillion while outlays increase by $3.5 trillion.”

The group believes that revenue will remain stagnant while spending will increase, news that certainly does not make conservatives happy.



It reveals what many conservatives have believed; Hillary Clinton will continue President Obama’s work of increasing the debt to catastrophic levels. Levels the United States cannot sustain in the long run.



It is her plan to guarantee 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave that will hit the hardest by far, costing over $1.5 trillion. Clinton’s “free college” agenda will add almost $350 billion, with another $330 billion going to making childcare more affordable. While these all sound like helpful policies, conservatives argue that the government should not be paying for them. Especially when the government is already spending substantially more than it is bringing in.

Almost everyone is taught from a young age to “not spend more than you make”, but it appears Hillary Clinton and the Democrats missed that lesson.


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