Finally, A Gun Law That Makes Sense

With the left seeking to push new gun control regulations on Americans in the name of “safety”, Kansas lawmakers decided to actually do something to help protect lives.


In a new bill, first responders in Kansas will now be allowed to concealed carry on the job. This means that firefighters and EMT’s will be able to take necessary steps to protect themselves in case of an emergency.

Mission Township Fire Chief Forrest Walter expressed his support of the second amendment within his own department:

“Mission Township and myself as a Fire Chief are supportive of the constitutional rights that are available and have been given to us,”

He goes on to clarify, however, that first responders are not law enforcement:

“We just want to be safe and good citizens… We don’t want to be out there doing what I think law enforcement’s main objective is, which is to protect us.”

Now, this law does not only apply to first responders, but it applies to almost all city, county, or state employees, with few exceptions.

Areas deemed “gun free zones”, such as public schools, will be exempt from this new bill, something that gun rights activists are still not happy about.

Still, this new bill is a great step forward, and all that remains is for Governor Sam Brownback to sign it into law.

It’s been proven time and time again that gun control does not work, so it’s good to see lawmakers with some common sense.


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