Redistricting Georgia (with maps)

From the Diaries by lexington_concord. Because, why not?

This is really not too complex a state.

2 goals:

1. Dislodge one of the 2 remaining Democrats in the south half of the state.
2. Create a new GOP seat. I created this with Bill Cowsert in mind, who happens to be the Vice Chair of the redistricting team.


CD-1 – Unchanged. Jack Kingston is fine here.

CD-12 – The new Quad Cities (Albany, Macon, Augusta, Savannah) district. It’s about 56% black. John Barrow, Sanford Bishop, and Jim Marshall all live here. They can duke it out in a primary.

CD-8 – Made about 5 points more Republican by the removal of Macon. Austin Scott is fine here.

CD-2 – Made about 15 points more Republican. Mike Keown lives here and can run again.

As you can see, I split North Georgia up to strengthen the other districts.

CD-13 – Some new territory for Lynn Westmoreland, but its all heavy Republican areas, except for Columbus.

CD-9 – Ditto. Safe for Tom Graves

CD-11 – I took heavily Republican Cherokee County and used it to reinforce 55/45 Cobb County. Safe for Phil Gingrey


CD-6 – Drops Cherokee County in exchange for most of Forscythe County

CD-7 – In its current form, a district that might slip away. Not anymore.

CD-10 – Essentially unchanged.

CD-4 – Essentially unchanged.

CD-5 – Essentially unchanged.

CD-13 – I wrapped this around more to pick up more Democrats.

The end result should be a 10-4 split. Net gain of 2 Republicans and a net loss of 1 Democrat.



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