Jennifer Van Laar: Being Inclusive and Compassionate Does Not Mean Sacrificing Our Children

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At Turning Point USA’s AmFest event last weekend in Phoenix, RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar had the privilege of sitting down on the main stage with other powerhouse conservative women to discuss the transgender movement and women’s rights. Libby Emmons of The Post-Millennial and podcaster Lauren Chen joined Van Laar in a dialogue more women need to be having publicly.


“Somehow we have arrived at an era in which the most controversial question you can ask is what is a woman,” remarked Chen to open the discussion. From there, the conversation flowed to topics like the inherent misogyny of transgender activism, including the stereotyping of things like toys and clothes to identify the “authentic” gender of a child. The idea of girls liking pink toys is a social construct that should be cast aside as barbaric sexism, but a young boy liking pink toys is a sign he may be a girl.

Which lane are we getting in, people?

The panel ignited the audience when Lauren Chen suggested “non-binary” men like Sam Brinton are only looking for ways to stand out in a society in which straight, white males are the ultimate cultural enemy.

“The trans movement is just a way for, let’s just say it, white males to qualify for the diversity quota.”

The audience enthusiastically agreed, with Van Laar adding that we must proceed with compassion for those who truly struggle with body image, but that does not mean we can deny reality. She also mentioned she finds it an encouraging sign that the gay community is standing up for sanity on this issue.


Van Laar did get into a little good-natured trouble when she referred to Caitlyn Jenner as “she.” The audience let out an audible groan and Van Laar’s co-panelist encouraged her to use “he.” The RedState Managing Editor explained she was choosing to use the feminine pronoun because she shares mutual friends with Jenner. She reiterated her call for compassion in the conversation, pointing out that doesn’t have to mean signing on for the transgender movement.

“I (have) mutual friends with Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner and I’m going to be respectful of that; while I have compassion, that does not mean that I am accepting anything about the trans movement.”

As the conversation transitioned into being compelled to use certain language, Emmons noted that the trans ideology does not deliver on the promises it makes. She explained that a person can do anything he or she wants – cut off any parts or add any kind of tissue, or have any type of cosmetic surgery, but nothing that person does can change him or her into the opposite sex.


“There is no way to change you into the opposite sex and the medical industry is lying when they say that they can do this.”

The panel was an open and raw discussion on the impact of the trans movement on women’s rights and safety. It is one that should continue to happen often and publicly.

Here is a link to video from the final day of AmFest. The video will begin with Van Laar’s stellar panel. It is worth a few minutes to check out. You’ll be cheering in some parts, just like the audience.

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