Tucker Carlson Says What We're All Thinking About Ronna McDaniel and Elections

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Tucker Carlson took the stage at Turning Point USA’s Amfest on Saturday, and true to form got right to the heart of the point of what’s going on with GOP strategy (or lack thereof).


Carlson took the opportunity to speak about things like the importance of faith in American culture, and why it is important for America’s youth to stand up for their religious principles and values. He also reminded attendees to be “happy warriors,” a term coined by the late, great conservative media pioneer Andrew Breitbart in the beginning days of the conservative digital media movement.

“We are obligated to be happy warriors. No, I really mean that. We’re obligated.”

With so much rage and frustration flying around, it can be easy to be angry and bitter. Conservatives need to remember that what we do, we do for love – love of country, family and faith. We are obligated to make our case for freedom with as much joy as possible.

That being said, there certainly is no lack of irritation when looking at the situation on the right side of the aisle. Republican faithful are looking to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and asking if she should really hold her lucrative position if she doesn’t seem to be doing the job – the job being winning elections.

Carlson – ever the straight shooter – referenced RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar’s bombshell report on the Chairwoman’s expenses at the helm of the RNC. He asked the question many of us are asking right now: What exactly is the RNC doing to win elections moving forward? The Fox News star rightly pointed out what they’re not doing, and that’s spending the hard-earned dollars of donors on ensuring election victories.


“You’re catering things and buying Lululemon workout gear with political contributions and you are losing elections. No!”

Carlson was referring to Van Laar’s report exposing that McDaniel had spent nearly $5,000 of donor money on Lululemon workout gear, a luxury workout brand.

At this point, it feels impossible for McDaniel to survive the challenge of constitutional lawyer Harmeet Dhillon and still enjoy the support of the Republican base. She is burned, for all intents and purposes. The dignifying thing to do would be to graciously step aside (as she promised she would do) and let the RNC move forward with a fresh strategy.

There is no more time to lose. Republicans cannot afford to choose ego over victory. Change and adapt or hand over the keys to the kingdom.

And perhaps the keys to Ronna McDaniel’s closet full of Swarovski mementos.


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