Roe Is Dead and We Have Trump to Thank for That

A lot has been said about former President Donald Trump over the years and quite a bit of it has been unkind. However, all of his accomplishments and failures during anyone’s presidency will always be overshadowed by what lasting effect he had well after leaving the White House.


Today, with the overturning of Roe v Wade, Trump’s legacy has been cemented as one of the greatest pro-life presidents in the history of our nation.

Trump is the one who reinforced our courts with three justices that would interpret the law as it was written, not as activists would like it to be interpreted. Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett were all appointed to the court by Trump, allowing for the eventual collapse of Roe, a ruling that has allowed for the murder of millions and millions of innocent lives.

Love him or hate him, you have Trump to thank for this. The goal that many pro-life individuals have been working and striving for was made possible by the man whom many questioned when it came to his views on abortion.

Years down the line, much of what Trump did will be neutralized by bad decisions and incompetence. You can see this happening now with our economy as the work he’d done to repair and strengthen it is being demolished by an administration that clearly has no desire to do what’s necessary to maintain stability.

Yet, Trump’s moves to appoint these justices will echo through decades and, on top of that, prove to many that those who fight for their goals against overwhelming odds truly can achieve them. He has emboldened the good guys.

That said, it’s pretty important that you understand that no victory lasts forever. Just as Roe was overturned, it can be resurrected in a different form at some point down the line. The same can be said about any decision by the Supreme Court such as the New York gun control law that was struck down earlier in the week.


It’s on us to build upon this victory, not take the win and think the fight is over. You’re not going to get a slow fade to black and rolling credits. Those who would have Roe are already working and planning. That means you should be too.

We know we will here at RedState. We’ll keep up the news reporting, critical analysis, opinion, and more. Doing so isn’t just a job, it’s our way of helping the fight to keep America and make her better. It’s our goal to give you the tools necessary to change the minds around you, keep you informed, and even enjoy a conversation with you from time to time.

At the end of the day, this is a team game.

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Rest assured, you’re probably going to see some blowback from this. Roe was one of the holiest of the holies to the left and the destruction of one of its most sacred activities is going to have them searching for recourse. We won’t be surprised when big tech decides to join in on the action. You can help keep us in the fight if and when that happens.

This fight isn’t over, and we can’t rest yet. Midterms are coming, and then a huge fight will occur after that with the Presidential election. The next few years are going to be an all-hands kind of battle.

Get ready.


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