Progressives Need to Answer This One Question About Abortion

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The abortion debate has kicked into high gear with news of a pending SCOTUS decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade. The usual suspects have piped up with the usual arguments:


-My body, my choice (which only applies to your babies, never to your vaccines)

-Women will be forced into dark alleys for coat hanger abortions

-Republicans are coming for your civil rights

-This will harm black women and other minorities the most

It is that last argument that really grinds my gears. The progressive left likes to tell us that black women (in particular) will be the hardest hit if abortion is restricted. No one ever elaborates on that. Perhaps because black mothers (not ‘birthing persons,’ please and thank you) often live below the poverty line? The suggestion seems to be that black mothers are burdened with these magical pregnancies that don’t involve their own choices and are simply thrust upon them by a patriarchal society.

I don’t know. It makes no sense, so I can’t try to explain it. My brain likes logic.

And logic says that if we draw out their racial argument all way to end, we can only draw one conclusion.

The progressive left would prefer fewer black babies in the world.

“We want more black babies in the world!” or “We want fewer black babies in the world!” …which is the racist statement?

You be the judge.


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