The Left Has Created Their Own Misery

The Left Has Created Their Own Misery
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Wailing and gnashing of teeth has commenced upon the announcement that Elon Musk will soon officially own Twitter. This follows the wailing and gnashing of teeth that followed the Florida decision to strip Disney of their special tax status. That followed the wailing and gnashing of teeth that followed the decisions in multiple states to legislatively ban critical race theory in public education. That followed the wailing and gnashing of teeth that followed parents organizing to demand accountability for their school boards, which has in turn led to tens of thousands of parents across the country (including me) running to fill those seats.

It’s been a miserable year so far for progressives, and it doesn’t seem to be looking up.

Biden now has the honor of being the worst-polling President in history, and Kamala Harris – THE FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR™ Vice President – has managed to squander any semblance of good will related to her racial status by being generally terrible in every way imaginable. Inflation has deflated the Democrat base, America’s public school students are woefully behind in education statistics, and global politics have become the most unstable in years.

Everything is awful and it’s just getting worse. The progressive left created this misery for all of us, all by themselves.

They used a combination of the legal system, social media censorship and mainstream media bias (and maybe even more sinister means) to wrestle the 2020 election into submission. They gave us a President no one really wanted, one who wasn’t ready for “that 3a.m. call” and in fact was barely lucid most of his campaign. America did not want Joe Biden, and the chaos you’re seeing now is the manifestation of the collective consciousness of 325 million Americans who have the sinking feeling that something’s not right.

Progressives got cocky after January of 2020. They and their Democrat overlords genuinely believed that they could permanently squash all opposition and end the Republican Party and conservatives forever. It is an astounding ignorance, given that this country is and pretty much always has been split right down the middle politically speaking. Politics are cyclical, which has been a saving grace of American governance. We are currently looking at what happens when one side believes the cycle is over.

No one likes it.

The left’s misery is their own doing. We warned them that pushing opposing voices underground would only aggravate and motivate people. We warned them that their policies would create more harm, more chaos, more crime, and more expense. We warned them that the American people, regardless of the success of election shenanigans sometimes, will always have their say and their way. We warned them that parents could only be pushed so far away from their children before they would begin to fight back. We warned them they were creating a whole new class of political activists who wouldn’t be as kind or soft as the Tea Party activists turned out to be.

We warned them that if they insisted on playing Dr.Frankenstein with our economy, biology, and our social discourse, they would come to hate the monster they created.

All they had to do was not be crazy, and they couldn’t manage it. The ‘woke’ have awakened the sleepy electorate that would have been fine to maintain the status quo if only the left could have kept a lid on their insanity. Their ridiculous political litmus test that forces anyone not toeing the alt-left progressive line into the “right-wing nutjob” camp has done nothing but make conservatives out of perfectly fine liberals.

Employees at Twitter are literally weeping because they might have to see people engaging in open and uncensored discourse. That’s how far down this rabbit hole the progressive left has taken us all.

If they are miserable, it’s their own damn fault. We told you so and were you capable of learning any real lessons there might be a chance to get back to some sort of middle, but unfortunately you overplayed your hand.

Conservatives are going scorched earth through 2024 and the irony is that the people who are helping us scorch the earth aren’t even conservatives. You just pushed them too far with your lunacy.




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