Eric Swalwell Simply Can't Resist Screaming Into the Wind

Eric Swalwell Simply Can't Resist Screaming Into the Wind
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Representative Eric Swalwell is losing his patience, everyone!

On Monday, the scandal-ridden representative tweeted out an angry (and quite contrived, if you ask me…there is nothing authentic about this man at all) rant about people who have chosen not to take the COVID vaccines. It was filled with righteous indignation. More than that, it was a peek into the absolute irrationality of the Cult o’ COVID members, who sincerely believe that with enough harassment and insults you can change the mind of a person who has already decided they do not wish to receive a COVID vaccine at this time.

There are no obstacles left to a vaccine. If you want it, you can have it. There are mandates, there are campaigns to marginalize and oppress the unvaccinated, there is a pop culture war to label anyone who doesn’t want this particular vaccine as “anti-vax”…the attempts to coerce the hesitant to get the COVID vaccine are endless and popular. It is safe to say that anyone left who isn’t vaccinated simply DOES NOT WANT IT. That’s it. If you haven’t convinced them to vaccinate by now, it’ll never happen. And yet weirdos like Swalwell simply can’t resist the hysterics, as if they make one bit of difference to those who have made up their minds. It’s screaming into the wind at this point, but that’s what progressives do best.

Let’s take a look at Swalwell’s diatribe.

Oh, you’re losing your COVID patience? Welcome to the club, Eric. Some of us have tried valiantly to be understanding of the irrational fears and hysteria surrounding the virus. After all, if all I watched was CNN, I, too, would be filled with fear and dread every single day. I’d be operating with a quarter of the science but 100% of the politics. It’s a recipe for terror. We would love to simply live and let live. It makes sense to preserve freedom — the freedom to isolate and the freedom to move about your life freely. If you are so scared of COVID that you think simply breathing the same air as people who have every vaccination but a COVID vaccination is akin to certain death, you absolutely should stay isolated and you have the right to do so. But these people have no sense of individual responsibility. So instead of simply taking their own precautions to protect themselves, according to the SCIENCE™, they demand we all live in abject fear, and they punish our children, our businesses, and our constitutional rights.

You know the cliche — if mamma ain’t happy, nobody is happy. Progressives want desperately to be your mommy…and they’re not happy right now. They’ll be damned if you are either. So yes, Eric. We’re all losing our patience with the madness surrounding this topic, but conservatives aren’t under the illusion we can change the minds of someone by insulting them. We understand that living in a free society means living with the tension of what we want versus what others want. We settle those tensions at the ballot box. We don’t stomp our feet and demand government take away the human rights of free Americans.

I love how Democrats are always moved to “blah blah blah” your constitutional rights away. As if they are meaningless. Eric is only half right here (which is more right than he is most of the time). Private businesses have the right to tell you that you can’t patronize their business…for some things. You can’t tell a black person they can’t eat at your lunch counter. You can’t tell a gay person they can’t stay at your hotel. That’s about as far as that goes. The government has no such right. They are completely ruled (supposedly) by the public standards of the Constitution. They are not allowed to discriminate against their own citizens. It is unsurprising that Eric doesn’t know this.

There is no “blah blah blah” in the American Constitution. It is quite clear. Individual liberty is sacrosanct. Full stop. It is very telling when a United States representative wants to “blah blah blah” that clarity away to suit their own notions of safety.

When Eric wants to protect his children, he’s a saint (and I’m sure his kids know all about his affair with a Chinese spy). When you want to protect your children you’re a “carnival barker.”

I actually reported this last tweet for misinformation. Somehow the left has been allowed to move the goalposts of COVID to pretend that being unvaccinated is certain death. It is not, and the SCIENCE™ supports that. The SCIENCE™ also gives no indication that unvaccinated people “create” new variants. That’s victim-blaming, Eric. Viruses create variants. Humans just contract them or they don’t. End of story. And the SCIENCE™ also tells us that right now, in many states and first-world nations, the amount of COVID hospitalizations among the vaccinated is surpassing that of the unvaccinated. So if you can still get and spread COVID even when you’re vaccinated, who exactly is responsible for the variants?

Those who have yet to be vaccinated against COVID are not changing their minds. They’ve already decided. They’ve had every opportunity to get the vaccine and they don’t want it. No amount of Twitter whining is going to change that. So if you are so terrified for your children because of the unvaccinated, you stay home.

The fact that Eric continues to go to work, socialize, and travel the country for work and pleasure tells me that he really isn’t worried for his children at all.

So what does that tell you?

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