Must Watch: Policy Analyst Inez Stepman Eviscerates Gender Wage-Gap Narrative in Capitol Hill Testimony

Inez Stepman is a Senior Policy Analyst for the Washington D.C. think tank Independent Women’s Voice. Stepman was called to Capitol Hill to testify on Thursday regarding the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The ERA has been touted by Democrats as the answer to the “mystifying” wage gap between men and women.


Every American already has their human rights enshrined in the Constitution, but leave it to the Democrats to determine to fiddle with the world’s greatest man-made document in order to make some humans more equal than others. The ERA is a disastrous piece of legislation that would ultimately serve to remove protections for women and would hobble an already struggling national business climate.

Stepman testified ahead of noted policy analyst Alyssa Milano and – as the kids say – spit straight fire when it came time to answer the question many Democrats keep pointing to as proof for why the ERA is needed:

Why has COVID-19 disproportionately affected women when it comes to workplace opportunities and income? 

Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) gave Stepman the opportunity to respond to the thoughtless Democrat argument by posing the question himself, and Stepman did not disappoint. She pointed to one of the most powerful women in the nation – teacher’s union president Randi Weingarten – as one the main reasons as to why so many women have been forced out of the market as wage earners.


Keller: 55% of all jobs lost during the pandemic had been occupied by women. So I have a question, Ms.Stepman. Why are women-held positions disproportionately affected by COVID-19?

Stepman: I think that’s a question you should take up with Randi Weingarten. Who’s the head of the National Teacher’s Association. Look, we’ve heard a lot about European nations in this hearing. Generally comparing comparing America unfavorably to them. But in most European countries schools reopened in person in just a matter of weeks, you know, 6, 8, 12 weeks meaning they opened in the summer or fall of 2020. American schools in many states remained closed to in-person learners for far longer, to the extent that even just a couple of months ago, many families were dealing with the reality of school closures and having to – what Mary Katherine Ham so delightfully puts – “Zoom butler” their children at school. So I suspect that this is one of the reasons that women disproportionately [left] the workforce during the pandemic. Because as much as many try to fight against it, women still choose to take more of the childcare responsibilities and family responsibilities in the home and so disproportionately they decided to leave the workforce when their children couldn’t attend school. So again, I suggest you take that up with Randi Weingarten.


Education activist Corey DeAngelis posted the clip to his Twitter account. I highly recommend watching the whole thing.

Stepman’s response is more than just a mic drop moment. It is a moment of clarity that we need to touting over and over again. The Democrats are trying to fix problems that they created by making more problems which will require more legislation in order to fix the problems that come from the solutions to the problems they made in the first place.

It is utter insanity and hypocrisy and should be called out as such at every opportunity.



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