After Getting Caught Massaging the CDC Narrative, Weingarten Now Says in-Person Learning Will Resume in Fall

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Well, isn’t this rich. After claiming a few months back that she is “not convinced” that cutting social distancing to three feet can help toward getting schools reopened, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten is now saying that it’s possible schools can be reopened for in-person learning in the Fall.


Amazing what a grip of bad press will do to change a Union organizer’s mind.

The president of America’s second-largest teachers union is calling on all schools to be open for “five days a week” of in-person learning for the next academic year.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, made the declaration Thursday as about only half of the nation’s school districts are back for fully in-person learning, according to data from the Return to Learn Tracker website. As of early May, Florida and Iowa are the only states in the country that have all of their schoolchildren back in classrooms, while every other state is still offering varying degrees of in-person and online instruction, the data shows.

“Conditions have changed. We can and we must reopen schools in the fall for in-person teaching, learning and support. And we must keep them open fully and safely five days a week,” Weingarten said in a speech.

I think the only conditions that have changed is that no one believes a word that comes out of any government officials’ mouth concerning COVID infection and school reopening. Nor should they. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, Weingarten had a different take back in March:

The CDC recently announced that schools could reduce their social distancing spacing to 3 feet from 6, thus enabling more schools to reopen. The studies indicated there was no real difference between three and six. One would think that would be great news and be embraced.

Not so much by the American Federation of Teacher’s head Randi Weingarten who said that she’s “not convinced” by the science that the CDC was presenting to her.


Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum, has had Weingarten on the program several times. MacCallum has done yeoman’s work in calling Weingarten on her flip-flops and inconsistencies. MacCallum most recently compared emails from the AFT President with the CDC’s latest guidelines on school reopening. The emails showed language the AFT drafted regarding guidelines for school reopening to be strangely similar (actually verbatim) to the CDC’s written guidance.

Follow the science? If it conforms to the AFT’s version of science, then, yeah.

MacCallum asked,

“You could see why that would lead people to think that you all have a lot of muscle over at the White House when it comes to reopening our schools.”


Weingarten did what the TDS-riddled love to do when confronted on their B.S.: Blame Trump. After Weingarten rambled, MacCallum right out the gate challenged her on the private and religious educational institutions that reopened safely and have performed in-person learning without incident under the Trump administration. This was all before any vaccine had been distributed to teachers or students. MacCallum then pointed out that it seems that it isn’t about protocols, or the vaccine, but the magical appearance of mo’ money (in the form of Biden’s American Rescue Plan) that seemed to have changed the trajectory on Weingarten’s decision-making. Since her “Blame Trump” rant didn’t work, Weingarten then went to a “blame Fox” strategy, raving about how everyone needed to be vaccinated, and that she hoped Fox does not contribute to the disinformation that exists about vaccinations.


Hashtag, “Shaking My Damn Head” (#SMDH), because this is some nuclear-grade gaslighting here. I do not have school-age children in government-run schools, but if I did, I would do my utmost to find a charter, private school, or home school cooperative for them to attend. These toxic people do not care about your children. They only care about their agenda.


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