Monday Mood Forecast: Week Of Heated Denial Ahead

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

Joe Biden fell asleep during a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister. Well, maybe he was sleeping. Maybe he was resting. Maybe he was focusing. Whatever he was doing, it was clear that the Israeli PM felt that Biden wasn’t paying attention. It’s obvious in his demeanor as he shifts his focus from Biden to the press in front of him. Regardless of what Biden was doing or not doing, it is clear he wasn’t completely mentally present, so much so that his own guest became concerned.

In other Biden negligence-news, the President seems to have been caught checking his watch as he attended a ceremony for the dignified transfer of military members killed in Kabul. This one is pretty clear, and yet his defenders are saying he’s a busy man who had to attend a FEMA meeting regarding Hurricane Ida right after the ceremony. Are we to believe that the same man who can’t stay alert during a sit-down with a fellow world leader is suddenly worried about his schedule? It’s understandable that he may have – for whatever reasons – been concerned about time. But the fact that the “concern” was first and foremost on his mind as the bodies of fallen service members rolled past him is…well…concerning.

Pop star Olivia Rodrigo told an interviewer that when she was a little girl she thought only white girls could be pop stars. At 18, she’s probably too young to be taken too seriously about much. Sometimes these kids are just reacting, not thinking. They do a million interviews a week and they get good at saying what they think the audience will respond to most. The problem here is not so much her, as all the so-called “adults in the room” who so quickly applauded this thought. They did so in the name of social justice and wokeness, but in doing so they deny the memory of countless black pop stars of past and present. Ever heard of a little performer named Beyonce? Janet Jackson? Brandy? Monika? Whitney Houston?

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan thinks suicide bombers and people who don’t want vaccine mandates are the same type of terrorist.


According to the news this Monday, we’re in for a week of heated denial, with a low-pressure system of reality perhaps descending by the end of the week. Stay cool out there, America.


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