Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Chaotic

Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Chaotic
AP Photo/Mohammad Asif Khan

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

If you’re a regular reader of our publication then you can’t help but notice today’s coverage is dominated by one subject: Afghanistan. There has been no shortage of shocking and worrisome stories coming out of that war zone and per usual the President is missing in action. As this piece goes to publication we are hours away from Joe Biden’s planned public comments on the issue.

Remember when people complained about knowing what our President was thinking at any given moment of any day? We never had to wonder about Trump’s opinion or plans. Suddenly we are left wondering if the leader of the free world is even lucid.

Biden’s top Afghanistan official admitted that the collapse of order ‘unfolded at unexpected speed.’ There are a lot of competing opinions on whether or not we should be in Afghanistan at all, or if we should have adjusted the mission or shortened the mission. There are many valid points of view. The problem with the withdrawal isn’t so much that it’s happening (Trump promised to get us out, after all, so it’s not really that sudden) but that it seemed to be so ill-planned despite having over 20 years to organize it. My theory that no one is in charge in Washington D.C. has been bolstered this week. Chaos is trickling down from the top. 

And where the hell is Joe Biden? Seriously…in a time when so much is so uncertain – from COVID safety to schooling to our withdrawal from Afghanistan – the President of the United States should be out in front every single day, multiple times a day, addressing the people and urging strength and calm. Instead, every day is a tossup as to whether or not we’re going to see him. Early lids, disappearing acts and rumors about behind-the-scenes measures to contain his obvious confusion all add to the image of Biden as the President Who Wasn’t There. It’s a political mullet- chaos in the front, confusion in the back.

Kabul airport is the scene of unfolding, horrific chaos in real time. Hundreds of men can be seen running alongside departing American military jets, desperately trying to hang on to the wheels even as the plane take off into the air. There are horrifying images of bodies falling to the ground as the planes ascend. Notably, there are no women present. The women have been left because all cultures are not equal and in Afghanistan that is an acceptable response to terror – abandonment of women and children. Tragedy all around, chaos equally applied. 

Critical Race chaos is still being dealt with in our schools. Alabama voted on a measure to defeat the curriculum, but the vote was sadly split along racial lines. While our national security is in chaos, our education system continues to flounder in confusion as well.

Biden’s notable absence and the trickle-down affect of the leaderless White House, this week’s mood forecast is looking like a heavy storm front of chaos. Please report back on any breaks in the clouds in your area. We could all use a little sunshine this week, it seems.

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