America in Chaos

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I’ve done quite a few media rounds over the last several weeks, both radio and television. There is one question that I have been consistently asked over and over again.


Doesn’t it feel like things in America are rapidly spinning out of control?

If you’ve been thinking lately that everywhere you look, politically or economically speaking, chaos is mounting and nothing seems to be rooted on solid ground, that’s because chaos is mounting and nothing is rooted in solid ground. You’re not alone in that feeling. It is my sense most of America is experiencing the same thing.

I’m not a “new age” spiritual kind of person, but I am a Christian and I believe in things seen and unseen. I believe there is a thread that connects us all. It’s nothing we would notice or even care about most of the time. But when things feel…upended, as they do now, there’s a human restlessness that seems contagious. Some people call that the “collective unconsciousness” or “spiritual energy” or “the Holy Spirit.” There are a lot of different names for it and it really doesn’t matter what you call it, the point is that the American spirit is experiencing deep restlessness right now and everyone is feeling it.

That’s because no one is in charge and Americans know it.

The haphazard end to the Trump administration launched us into uncertainty. Mixed messaging on COVID, constantly changing goal posts and the closing of schools and businesses threw Americans into a spiral, not knowing where the end of the rope actually lay. Then came the election and with Big Tech censoring accurate information, many Americans weren’t getting the full picture and we could sense that. Even after the election finally wrapped up, there was no collective sigh of relief. Naturally conservatives were not pleased with the outcome, but as it turned out, neither were liberals. Instead of feeling relieved and ready to move on, they were angry that there are any people at all in the country who don’t want to vote for Democrats. There was no celebrating, just VERY IMPORTANT THINK PIECES on why conservatives exist and how we can stop them from existing and how we can prevent them from existing anymore at any point in the future.


You’d think the winners would at least be self-satisfied, but they couldn’t even muster enough energy to enjoy even a few days of victory. They weren’t victorious. They were enraged.

That rage has continued unabated, through vaccines and mask mandates and political failure after political failure on both sides of the aisle.

The Biden administration shut down the Keystone pipeline and has subsequently asked OPEC to increase oil production to ease skyrocketing gas costs. They printed trillions in paper money and we have watched inflation eat up what was left of the average American’s disposable income. They’ve illegally seized private property and businesses through what amounts to the “eminent domaining” of property through COVID restrictions; they’ve frozen the ability of private owners to sell, collect rent or evict delinquent tenants. In many places schools are still riding the razor’s edge between closures and staying operational and there are no guarantees that parents will have a full, in-person school year throughout the nation. An exorbitant and lengthy unemployment benefit has robbed businesses of personnel, causing some to close or limit hours.

Throughout it all the President has been barely present, calling early lids, disappearing to Camp David, handing over some of the biggest problems to surrogates Americans did not vote for. Even to see him walk from Marine One to the White House fills one with a sense of unsureness. His frail gait does not instill confidence and when he stops to fuss at “friendly” reporters it only adds to the sense of confusion. Biden doesn’t even seem to be happy with the typical Democrat cheer squad in the media.


If it feels like chaos that’s because it is chaos.

I have a theory on that chaotic feeling, that “collective energy” that seems to be pulsing through America right now. Biden’s “win” was not decisive. It is, in fact, still being audited in some corners. There are still plenty of Americans – on the left and the right, to be honest – who aren’t sure he really did win. It all adds up to the sense that we are standing on shifting ground with no anchors in sight. Perhaps we could tolerate such electoral uncertainty were Biden a decisive and strong figure, but unfortunately he is neither.

So we are left to piece together the puzzle of what is happening to America on our own. That leaves a lot of blank spaces to fill and because humans need patterns, we are not content to leave blank spaces. That means a lot of Americans are filling in the blanks with their own theories, their own fears, their own ideas. There is no one person to look to for certainty, and that is perhaps the greatest job of any President. Biden has failed miserably on that front, either on purpose or because he simply has not the faculties left to at least project the image of strong leadership.

Have no doubt that your senses are correct. We are living in chaos right now – a body with no head, a ship with no captain.

No one is in charge and the inmates seem to be running the asylum and everyone knows it.


*Here’s a great rant from Fox’s Steve Hilton on the current state of affairs. 


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