Monday Mood Forecast...Meh

Welcome to your official forecast for Monday’s mood. Some Mondays you feel motivated, others you couldn’t care less about a damn thing. Some Mondays you just hate everything. It just depends on what is going on. If you can’t decide how to feel, allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the Monday Mood, based on what’s going on in the news cycle today. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

Forecast Conditions:

Biden is Meh on inflation: Biden says inflation is “temporary” and fears of it being long-term are “unwarranted” and even as the words were coming out of his mouth the stock market was plummeting by 800 points.

American investors are fearful of a new round of lockdowns with the Delta variant on the rise. In the meantime, Biden – who most certainly has not gone grocery shopping or put gas in his own car for at least 40 years – says there’s nothing to see here. You’re just being a Negative Nelly about your grocery budget increasing by 25% in the last six months and paying double for gas. It’s no big deal. Stop whining. Everything is just fine.

A porn star showed up at the recent TPUSA conference and when I woke up this morning we were arguing about whether or not she had the right to be there and whether or not conservatives should embrace a porn personality into the movement and I could not make heads or tails out of any of it. So, apparently porn “star” (and contributor at The Federalist) Brandi Love bought a VIP pass to the event, then raised the ire of parents and adults when she was seen posing with teenagers. It seems like Love has the right to purchase tickets to any event she wants to, regardless of her profession. It also seems icky for her to be gleefully posing with teenagers at said event, because of her profession. Should TPUSA have kicked out a paying customer? Probably not. But Love’s reaction afterward smacks of self-serving profiteering. She’s been selling t-shirts and raising funds and brand awareness off the event. One wonders if that was her intention all along. Conservatives are arguing about “normalizing” porn stars just because they are Republicans vs. a big tent philosophy. Maybe it’s not the worst conversation to have, but on a Monday morning it gets a “meh”.

Joe Biden accused Facebook of killing people for allowing so-called “misinformation” about COVID to be spread on their platform. Facebook responded angrily to the claim, because apparently you can call people who want to take off their masks and run their businesses irresponsible murderers all you want, but when someone does it to you, it’s grossly unfair. Biden then clarified that he really didn’t mean Facebook were the murderers, but the people they allow to spread “misinformation” through their accounts are the murderers. So Facebook is just murderer-adjacent? It was never going to be any other way. The insanity of censorship cannot help but eventually eat its own. I just hope most of us on the right are still around to see it when they finally finish their meals. Whatever happens, it’s hard to gin up a whole lot of concern for the Cancel Cultists on the left, whether they are in government or run social media monopolies.

The Delta variant of COVID is spreading even among the vaccinated. Cases are spiking across the nation and the globe, but so what? What does that even mean? I’ve known three vaccinated people who have come down with the variant and it was mild at worst, one was not even symptomatic. This is just more fear mongering. By all accounts the variants are weaker and pass through at a greater pace. If you don’t know how many of those who are positive for the variant are hospitalized or have died, then case numbers are meaningless. World leaders want you to be terrified, but as far as the typical progression of viruses go, this one is a great big MEH and don’t let anyone tell you different.

The mood outlook for this Monday is surely a giant MEH. We’re being played for fools by our government and there are worse things to worry about than porn stars hanging out at the Federalist and TPUSA.


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