Texas Committee Rejects Bill Protecting Girls' Sports but Revives It Three Days Later in Shocking Dem Reversal

The battle for sanity continues in states across the nation as Texas joined the movement to protect girls’ sports from the ever-changing landscape of gender theory.


The whole “transgender sports” issue is dramatic enough on its own. But, as they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and drama is no exception.

The Texas House Committee on Public Education had originally killed the bill last week. Unsurprising given that Committee Chairman Rep. Harold Dutton is a Democrat (Houston). However, Dutton unexpectedly revived the bill (Senate Bill 29)  in a follow-up formal meeting, and it passed out of committee with an 8-5 vote.

However, that is not what is most dramatic. Some in the Texas Democrat party have accused Dutton of “retaliation” against the party for refusing to pass a previous bill he authored which would have authorized the state to take control of the Houston School Board. Democrats characterized a bill as one that would have guaranteed the ouster of the entire school board.

In a statement during committee, Dutton did mention the original Houston school board bill, saying that the bill his party helped kill would have affected far more children than the one introduced to protect sports for Texas girls. Dutton seemed to be indicating that more harm would come to children as a result of the failed bill than as a result of passing SB 29, and he blatantly described it as a “replacement” for the failed bill. 


“I don’t know how big this problem is, and I wish I did because I’d be in a better position to make this vote,” Dutton said. “But I can tell you this: The bill that was killed last night affected far more children than this bill ever will.”

Dutton added, “So as a consequence, the Chair motions that Senate Bill 29 as substituted be reported favorably to the full House … Show the Chair voting aye.”

LGBT activists and fellow Democrats naturally expressed their anger at Dutton’s move.

“Rep. Dutton should be ashamed of this effort to bully trans kids under any circumstances, but to move forward with SB29 out of spite after an embarrassing defeat to another one of his bills is especially cruel. He is playing political games with kids’ lives,” said Carisa Lopez, political director at the Texas Freedom Network.

Grand Prairie Democratic Rep. Chris Turner, Chair of the Texas House Democratic Caucus, called the bill “terrible” in a statement, adding, “I’m severely disappointed it came out of committee.”

“Targeting trans youth puts this already vulnerable group of students at risk of further harassment and needlessly denies them the opportunity to experience the important social and emotional benefits that youth sports can provide to all children,” Turner’s statement said.


By reintroducing and passing the bill in Committee, Rep. Dutton beat the Monday deadline for new legislation in the Texas House. That means the House will be able to vote on the bill this session, and if it passes it will make its way to the Texas Senate for approval. Governor Greg Abbott has already vowed to sign the bill should it reach his desk.

More states across the union are taking proactive measures to protect children and residents from encroaching progressive social doctrine. The progressive activists are becoming more and more outraged that “we the people” are becoming increasingly active in pushing back. Hopefully, as more states move to shore up common-sense protections for women and girls, they will create reassurance for other states looking to move in the same direction.

If you live in an area considering similar moves, call your local representatives and your governor’s office and let them know you support the efforts and your future vote will take into account their willpower on behalf of the people of the state.


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