Unparalleled Tragedy: The 2021 White House Correspondents' Dinner Has Been Canceled

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

A lot of things people have come to depend on to feed their families and live their lives have been forcibly closed over the past year. Restaurants and schools, businesses and gyms…the list is tragic, and so is the suffering.

Perhaps there is no group experiencing more suffering right now than the coastal media elite.

Oh, sure, they lied and obstructed their most hated President out of office. And yes, they have kept working through the pandemic and enjoy a very chummy relationship with the White House. And, of course, they have been sending their children to private schools or tutors throughout school closures. They’re not raising barbarians, after all.

They’ve had a few measly bright spots in their otherwise dark and dank pandemic experience. You people who have lost everything don’t know about suffering until you’ve had to file three stories about how many Fox News anchors aired their vaccinations before you drive a mile and a half to pick up your kid at Rich People Academy.

Sadly, the torment of the elitist media will continue with the latest blow to their humble lives.

The White House Correspondents Association announced on Wednesday that the 2021 White House Correspondents’ Dinner will be canceled.

In an official statement, the WHCA said they didn’t feel COVID conditions had improved enough to hold the event.

We regret to announce that we are unable to hold our annual dinner this year.

We have worked through any number of scenarios over the last several months, but to put it plainly: while improving rapidly, the COVID-19 landscape is just not at a place where we could make the necessary decisions to go ahead with such a large indoor event.

Dinner or not, we will spend the next few months celebrating and honoring the First Amendment, the remarkable journalism produced over the last year and the promising young reporters who will serve as the next generation in our ranks.

Oh yes, we must be sure to honor the remarkable journalism presented over the last year. No, not the stellar reporting of Redstate‘s own Jennifer Van Laar, whose story on Katie Hill’s ethics violations is inarguably responsible for the biggest GOP congressional comeback victory in a dozen years or more. No, not her, of course. She’s a gross conservative. Obviously, they mean the remarkable journalism of people like Brian Stelter, who makes sure everyone knows what Tucker Carlson said week-to-week. That kind of remarkable journalism.

–We will soon announce our annual awards for the very best in presidential news coverage, not to mention the second annual Katharine Graham Award for Courage and Accountability of national significance;

–In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing our latest cohort of WHCA Scholarship winners from around the country, a truly impressive group of up-and-coming journalists;

–We have planned a series of events to showcase the best of journalism, in part for those very students;

Are you as incurious as I am about what they consider the “very best in presidential news coverage”?

–And last but surely not least, we will do all this in person next year, with the WHCA annual dinner on April 30, 2022.

Laughing out loud. Do they not even read their own reporting? COVID variants are going to imprison us indefinitely, or at least until the White House changes hands. Just ask Dr. Fauci. It’s not like you guys don’t talk to him every single day.

Our top priority remains ensuring that journalists can continue to safely work from the White House and fulfill their vital role in keeping the public informed. Expect information in the coming weeks about our annual membership town hall, at which we will outline plans to safely begin easing some virus-related restrictions.

-The White House Correspondents’ Association

Well, thank goodness these fine journalists will be continuing their vital role of keeping us informed…of whatever news they think we should be allowed to know.

The news sent shockwaves through dozens of reporters who look to the annual event to remind each other of their importance and heroism. Who will make all those cutting-edge jokes about “racist Republicans” and Bad Orange Man?

We can only offer our deepest sympathy to this oppressed class, and pray that 2022 will finally restore them to their rightful place on the cocktail party circuit.