Oops: Berkeley Teachers Union President Fights School Reopenings And Then Gets Caught Dropping Child Off At Private School

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The hypocrisy hits just keep on coming when it comes to progressives and Democrats and COVID lockdowns.

The most recent example of someone who obviously lives life completely absent of any sense of self-awareness, the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Matt Meyer found himself in hot water when he was filmed dropping off his young daughter at school.

Naturally there is nothing wrong with taking your child to school. It’s sweet, and these days a luxury.

The problem is that Meyer and his union are refusing to return to teach public school, saying it is “unsafe” until every last child is vaccinated (never mind that there is no such thing as a COVID vaccine for children)…yet he was dropping his own child off at a private school.

The video was taken by parents who recognized Meyer and decided to hold him accountable. His daughter’s face has been blurred for privacy.

Meyer told Fox News that he had no choice but to take his child to private school because there are “no public options for kids her age.”