[Exclusive] Group Responsible for 405 Trump Sign Comes Forward With Killer Pro-Trump Campaign Ad

A group of men responsible for a giant Trump sign overlooking the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, CA pose next to their work. Photo published with permission from owner October 30, 2020 


On October 6th, 2020 Los Angeles woke up to a giant TRUMP sign in the foothills overlooking one of the busiest stretches of road in the United States, the 405 freeway.


A giant Trump sign overlooks the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, CA. Photo published with permission from owner October 30, 2020

The sign was immediately removed by the City of Los Angeles, citing traffic hazard worries, despite being on private land. Although the antics made national news, no one came forward to claim responsibility for the sign.

Until now.

RedState was contacted by a person referring to himself as “Mr. Black”, who wanted us to know that the group responsible for the sign had not only been planning it since 2018, they had also produced their own campaign ad in support of Trump and aimed at California voters. I was given permission to share it (continue scrolling for video) and it qualifies as a “must watch” in every sense of the term.

Not only is it quick peek into the entire stealth process of installing the sign, it is a dramatic call to action not unlike the recent viral GOP congressional ad narrated by Senator Mitch McConnell.

And it ponders the impossible with one seemingly ridiculous yet thought-provoking question…

Could Donald Trump actually flip California?

Plans for installing the 70ft TRUMP sign overlooking the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, CA. Photo published with permission from owner October 30, 2020

Mr. Black and company seem to think so, and when you watch this video you may very well come away believing it yourself.



Here is Mr. Black’s full statement to RedState:

On January 20th 2017, I assumed that Trump would win reelection after normal Americans witnessed the hysterics of the Women’s March and subsequent displays of irrationality.

But when Trump made good on most of his promises — all the while unruffled by the Category 5 media sh*t-storm raging around him — it seemed like the impossible was within reach: WINNING CALIFORNIA. And that was the initial motivation behind the sign.

The sign served two purposes. It was a psychological warfare operation designed to counter the psychological warfare that Newsom, Garcetti and the Democrat-run California government has been running since the lockdown. Putting the word “TRUMP” on a hillside over the 405 — itself a symbol of beauty, aggravation and dysfunction — was intended to let the progressive Eloi of Los Angeles know that dissidents — MOTIVATED dissidents — live among them.

It was also a signal to the war-weary AMERICANS here behind enemy lines that they are not alone. That they are on the side of fun and energy. And that they should GO OUT AND VOTE (for Trump, if that wasn’t clear).

“Mr. Black”


Mr.Black went on to tell us the details of the sign’s construction, emphasizing that the site is private land owned by a charity.

The sign was 20′ X 70′.

The letters were made from white poly tarps stretched across frames made from fence and tent poles. They were secured to wooden receivers that had been installed and leveled using rebar stakes a few nights prior. The letters were secured using solid supports and guy-wires made of paracord and tightened with ratchet straps attached to tent stakes in the ground.

Each letter was transported to the site as a deconstructed bundle.

The crew consisted of seven men, one videographer and a driver who delivered the men (in the back of a cube truck) to the head of the trail leading to the site and then picked them up after the job was complete.

The caper began at 9pm and was completed by 3:30am.

The site is private land owned by the Aga Khan Foundation, a Pakistani charity and overlooks the Leo Baeck Temple, the 405 freeway and the Getty Center beyond.

The planners initially wanted to build the letters before the 2018 election, but chose to wait for the 2020 election instead.

If you had asked me in 2018 if I thought there was any chance in hell Trump could flip the Golden State I’d have said you were out of your mind for even suggesting it. In March of this year I changed my mind, and published an article predicting the possibility of a flip for Trump. That was before lockdowns, before school closures, before Uber and Lyft were threatening to leave the state, before businesses closed, before riots and looting, before Defund the Police…even before all these horrors California was feeling ripe for a flip, mainly due to the horrific AB5 law that decimated the gig economy and eliminated nearly 300 job categories overnight. I’d never seen so many true blue Democrats ready to cross the aisle.


It’s only gotten worse here. I’ve never seen it like this in my 12 years as a Californian, and my friends who are native to this state say the same thing. Watching this ad gave me the chills. I do believe there’s a path for Trump to flip this state. Perhaps it is a steep climb, but I no longer consider it an impossibility.


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