FRIDAY: Live VIP Gold Chat with Redstate's Kira Davis and Brandon Morse - Replay Available

RedState VIP

Do you love intelligent talk from attractive people whom you can look up to, admire, and emulate?

Sure, who doesn’t? And we hope you find that someday. If you want to hear some moderately attractive people talk about current events in a way that won’t make you scream at the computer then Townhall Media has got you covered. If you missed today’s Live VIP Gold Chat with Redstate’s Brandon Morse and Kira Davis, no worries! A replay is available for you below! And here’s the best part…if you’re not a VIP Gold Member you can get a 25% discount on a subscription by using code KIRA or code MORSE (choose your fighter) and that subscription gives you access to exclusive content from across the entire Townhall family of sites.

Don’t miss this opportunity to personally interact with some of your favorite Townhall personalities.


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