LAPD Rips Into Councilwoman Over Reactionary Department Cuts: "We'll Take Care Of It At The Ballot Box"

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FILE- In this Jan. 15, 2014 file photo a Los Angeles Police officer wears an on-body camera during a demonstration in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department’s effort to equip officers with body cameras has run up against an unlikely obstacle, the ACLU of Southern California. The civil rights organization sent a letter Thursday, Sept. 3, to the U.S. Justice Department urging it to deny funding for the cameras until the LAPD revamps its camera policy, which the ACLU said is seriously flawed. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

America is in a free fall and none of our state and local leaders seem to have a clue how to fix it.

Minneapolis got the brilliant idea to completely eradicate their police department and replace it with some “citizen patrol” weirdness and what could possibly go wrong with that?

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti made sure the media got lots of pictures of him kneeling just before he announced the City of Angels would cut $250 million from its policing budget to give to “communities of color.” If you think he meant that he’d be handing out the cash personally to black business and home owners who just had their livelihoods burned to the ground by looters and rioters, you are wrong. He will be handing that cash directly over to Black Lives Matter. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess but hey, at least Garcetti will feel like a good person.

Understandably LAPD is not pleased. Not only were they deliberately prevented from stepping in to protect communities from Antifa during the first days of the riot, they have been maligned and insulted by their own leadership. Now they’re being told they’ll be taking budget and pay cuts while still being asked to do the same nearly impossible job of policing the violence sanctioned by the mayor himself.


In a powerful confrontation, the LAPD confronted city councilwoman Monica Rodriguez on the gross injustice and demanded answers. As you can imagine she didn’t give much in response…what is there to say, after all? But the representative posing the questions is firm and by the sounds of the officers behind her it seems that she was properly articulating their concerns.

“It’s pandering. You bowed down to Black Lives Matter. These police officers that are out here protecting this city, that protected it from from being on fire, if it wasn’t for them this city would be burnt down right now [all the way to] the mayor’s house.

*loud applause*

I promise you, this union will go to our grave fighting. We’re not letting this happen to these officers. It’s not right.

First of all, civilians had to go on furlough because there wasn’t enough money, now you’re finding $250 million dollars to give to Black Lives Matter?”

She went on to scold the councilwoman for choosing ‘a hundred’ troublemakers over the law-abiding citizens who desperately want the police officers to protect them. As she turned to leave she assured Rodriguez, “We’re gonna fight” to which another officer responded, “We’ll take care of it at the ballot box.”


I’ve been saying it for months, and people keep laughing but Trump can flip California with a little effort and every day our state’s Democrat leaders let the livelihoods of their supporters burn down around them is another day closer to me getting to say I TOLD YA SO.



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