Five Fun News Stories You May Have Missed But Really Need to See

Image by Luis Estrada from Pixabay

Image by Luis Estrada from Pixabay

Sometimes we need a little break from the gloomy news cycle. Here are five stories you may have missed but that will definitely brighten your day.


1.Donkey In a Hole: This poor, unsuspecting donkey in Riverside, California was just trying to get a drink of water when a sinkhole opened up underneath him. Thanks to the quick work of Riverside Animal Services and a heroic construction crew he is now once again free to do…whatever it is donkeys do in Riverside.

2.#PrayersForNick: Accidentally sending a private email to a company thread is the real-world equivalent of dreams about showing up to school in your underwear. When a traffic reporter mistakenly sent out an email to the entire Nexstar Media Group letting them know he was sick it naturally made its way to the internet and #prayersfornick began trending on Twitter. Feel better, Nick!

3.World Record Art: Here’s a lady who broke the Guinness World Record for the largest drawing by a single person. All I want to know is how high she got from all the markers.


4.Life Comes in All Colors: Grab your hankies – this colorblind kid’s principal brought him special glasses that will allow him to see color so he could participate in his science class lessons on color.

They were studying color… the school principal brought in some glasses that allowed this youngster see color for the very first time from goodnews

5.What is “Guaranteed Ratings?”: Jeopardy’s three winningest contestants will compete against each other for a $1 million prize in January. I’ll take “Tell me when and where” for $1000, Alex.

There you have it. See? It’s not all bad news.



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