Kidz Bop Road Rage Mom Wants You to Know She's Not a Republican

screenshot from video used in story

In one of the most bizarre incidences of road rage to be caught on film recently, a very perturbed woman got caught behaving very badly after an incident with a ride share driver and his passenger, both of whom were minorities.


The woman became an internet meme sensation after she was captured self-righteously lecturing driver and his passenger for supposedly cutting her off in traffic. After hurling profanities the passenger reminded that woman that her kids were in the next car over with the windows down and listening to everything she was saying, including when she called the female passenger a “bitch ass hoe”.

Her response? No they weren’t, they were too busy listening to Kidz Bop.

Angry Karen has her kids bumping that Kidz Bop from PublicFreakout

Drawing on the hilariously cranky “Permit Patty” memes, the woman has been appropriately named “Kidz Bop Karen” on social media.

TMZ has since reported that they caught up with Kidz Bop Karen and while she claims to be mortified by her behavior and the ensuing ridicule she wants everyone to know one thing…she is not a Republican.

Anyway, Kidz Bop Karen — as she’s been dubbed — tells TMZ she’s catching tons of flak for her diatribe, with most trolls coming after her for what some say is a clear case of white privilege. She’s taking it all in stride, but tells us being called a GOP supporter is the worst insult of all.

Karen concedes her behavior reeks of white privilege, acknowledging things could have ended very differently if she were a minority.


In fact, Karen says she actually appreciates the negative feedback — aside from the Republican taunts — saying her behavior is fair game for trolls because she acted like this in public.

It’s unclear why she needed to clarify. Perhaps people just assumed because she’s white and cranking at at least one minority passenger that she must be one of those evil Trump Nazis. However, there have been several of these “Permit Patty” instances and they are almost always white, upper crust liberals. Often they feel their virtue signaling on social media immunizes them from accusations of racism and thus they can act however they want whenever they want.

It’s the old “but some of my best friends are black!” defense.

But whatever. Kidz Bop Karen wants you to know she’d never be one of those gross right-wingers and that’s just fine. The liberals can have her.


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