Maddow to Rapinoe: Will You Run For President?

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Did you ever in your life think you’d hear the name of one female soccer player as much as you have in the last two weeks?

Megan Rapinoe is everywhere – hero, traitor, icon, athlete…whatever your opinion of her there are few places one can escape her presence these days.


After winning the World Cup, Rapinoe has been making the media round, answering all the same questions about Trump and hate and Trump and politics and Trump and more Trump and also Trump. On Tuesday she appeared with fellow lesbian icon Rachel Maddow and Maddow had a very pointed question for the soccer superstar…

Would she consider running for president?

Maddow: Public Policy Polling literally did a poll today…

Rapinoe: *laughing* Oh no!

Maddow: …which is you versus Trump in a presidential contest and you beat him by a point.

Oh well, we all know how the public polling worked out for Maddow’s predictions last time!

Rapinoe laughed, saying her girlfriend had already warned her to slow her roll on this one. While she didn’t seem to rule out anything, she did go on to talk about the need to move beyond just words and take action.

On that point, I couldn’t agree more and while I completely disagree with her on just about everything political I have a certain amount of respect for someone who is willing to put their money where their mouth is instead of just running their mouth.


Rapinoe went on to say that despite all of the complaints about equal pay, she is grateful for what the U.S. Soccer Federation already does in their support and funding for women’s soccer. She encouraged fans to support the team by buying jerseys, showing up to games and becoming season ticket holders – which seems a bit…ironic. She wants equal pay but recognizes more people need to buy what they’re selling.



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