Kanye West: Liberals Bully Trump Supporters

FILE - In this Aug. 28, 2016, file photo. Kanye West appears at the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York. West responded to critical tweets from his former protege Kid Cudi by telling the fellow rapper never to mention him during a show in Tampa, Fla., on Sept, 14, 2016. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

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Kanye West appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction in an interview that Daily Beast reporter Matt Wilstein says is ” not only one of the best interviews Letterman has ever conducted, it’s also one of the most coherent and engaging interviews Kanye has ever given, even if it does go off the rails at times”.


The hour-long interview won’t begin streaming until May 31, but Wilstein reveals Letterman covered a wide variety of topics with the controversial rap star including the home he helped design himself and his bipolar disorder.

“I have a friend who told me that my power is my influence,” Kanye continues. “And I said my power is my ability to not be influenced.”

All Letterman can say in response is, “Wow, this is pretty good.”

The meat of the interview comes in the second half of the episode when Letterman digs in on Kanye’s struggles with mental health. “When you’re bipolar, you have the potential to ramp up and it can take you to a point where you start acting erratic, as TMZ would put it,” the rapper says, referencing his on-air meltdown at that outlet’s offices last year.

Of course no in-depth Kanye interview is really complete without a little Trump talk. Letterman confronted West about his support of 45 and that’s where the exchange apparently turned a little tense.

“Did you vote for Trump?” Letterman asks him.

“I’ve never voted in my life,” Kanye answers.

“Then you don’t have a say in this,” Letterman shoots back to cheers from the audience.

After a brief pause, Kanye comes back with a comical, “Well you got me, you got me,” before going on his anti-13th Amendment rant that drew Trump’s praise and may or may not have been inspired by conservative activist Candace Owens.


After a bit of back and forth West rebuts:

“Have you ever been beat up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?” he asks eventually. Asked who is doing the bulk of the bullying in America right now, he replies, “Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters!”

Here is the official trailer for the upcoming episode.



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