[WATCH] Lindsey Graham Goes Nuclear: This Is Hell!


Look out Cocaine Mitch, OG Graham is coming for your title!

Senator Lindsey Graham is not here your stupid conversations about high school calendars and year book signatures. The senator from South Carolina used his time at the Kavanaugh hearing to say what many of us have been waiting for one adult on Capitol Hill to say…these hearings are a sham.


Graham was livid as he excoriated his Democrat colleagues for playing politics, saying he would never have treated any of their nominees this way and this supposed job interview had turned into a living hell for Kavanaugh and his family.

“You’re looking for a fair process? You came to the wrong town at the wrong time”, Graham huffed. “This is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward because of this crap.”

Graham went on to point out that abusers continue to abuse, but there is no pattern of misconduct that has ever followed Kavanaugh.

The senator ended his fiery tirade by imploring his Republican colleagues to confirm Brett Kavanaugh and end the charades.

“If you vote no you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I’ve seen in my time in politics!

The whole outburst is worth the watch. Maybe Graham was just putting on a show like everyone else, but at least his show made some valid points.



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