Comedian Bill Burr: Not Hitting Our Kids is Hurting Our Country!


It seems like we’re always talking about what is wrong with the current generation of kids coming up. Some people think it’s the hormones in our food. Others think it’s too much screen time. A lot of just think we need to make spanking great again.


Comedian Bill Burr went on Conan O’Brien’s show Wednesday night and ended up going on a hilarious rant about how kids these days get away with too much and how we need to bring physical discipline back in style.

There’s also a great little rant about women being overrated.

Be prepared to laugh. This is good.

CONAN: “What do you think of parents now? How do you compare them to parents in the 1970’s?”
BURR: “It’s just completely — the kids have so much power. It’s like ridiculous. Half of these kids, I’m like, I look and I have just what happened to me and I’m looking to a kid and I’m like this kid’s going to be punted across the grocery store and it just never happens. They just don’t get hit and I think it’s hurting this country.”


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