10 Fun Wine Facts on National Wine Day

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It’s National Wine Day.

Well, technically every day is National Wine Day somewhere. But apparently Twitter has decided that TODAY is the day we all recognize wine and celebrate it. Wine is good, and good for you in moderate doses. Even Jesus – arguably the most influential person in the history of mankind – knew the importance of a great glass of vino.


So happy National Wine Day, America! Here are a few wine facts to impress your friends with as you celebrate tonight…or this afternoon.

No judgment.

(culled from The Taste and Fact Retriever)

1.Wine is fat free AND cholesterol free. It is a great choice if you’re watching your calories as it contains about 20 calories per fluid ounce.

2.Red wine, typically more than white wine, has antioxidant properties and contains resveratrol, which seems to be important in the cardio-protective effects of wine…A.K.A. it’s good for you. IT’S JUST GOOD SCIENCE!

3.Since wine tasting is essentially wine smelling,women tend to be better wine tasters because women, particularly of reproductive ages, have a better sense of smell than men.

4.Most wine is served in a glass that has a gently curved rim at the top to help contain the aromas in the glass. The thinner the glass and the finer the rim, the better. A flaring, trumpet-shaped class dissipates the aromas.

5.Not all wines improve with time. In fact, a vast majority of wines produced are ready to drink and do not have much potential for aging. Only a rare few will last longer than a decade.

6.The custom of bumping glasses with a “cheers” greeting came from old Rome where they used this method to make sure no one is trying to poison the other (bumping glasses makes the drink spill from one cup to the other). This tradition started even earlier in ancient Greece – where the host was to drink the first cup of wine to show his guests he does not intend to poison them.


7.Women are more susceptible to the effects of wine than men partly because they have less of an enzyme in the lining of the stomach that is needed to metabolize alcohol efficiently.

8.The combination of soil type, climate, degree of slope, and exposure to the sun constitutes the terroir of a vineyard and what makes each vineyard and each wine unique.

9.Putting ice and salt in a bucket will chill white wine or Champagne faster.

10.Plato argued that the minimum drinking age should be 18, and then wine in moderation may be tasted until 31. When a man reaches 40, he may drink as much as he wants to cure the “crabbedness of old age.”







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