Is Hotel Shampoo Racist?

Halsey arrives at the Lorraine Schwartz Eye Bangles Collection launch at Delilah on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in West Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)[/caption]


Is hotel shampoo racist?

Did you even know that was a question that needed to be answered?

Lucky for you one-name pop star Halsey has asked and answered this pressing question.


The Grammy-nominated chanteuse sent out a tweet last week complaining about the inadequacy of the tiny hotel shampoo bottles that come complimentary in nearly every hotel room in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the internet pounced on the biracial star.


As you can imagine, most of the responses were some form of “Bring your own!”.

Halsey fired back, claiming her concern wasn’t really for herself but for “people of color” who might not be able to afford to bring/buy shampoo to the hotels THEY PAY TO STAY IN.

As a black woman who knows what it’s like to be poor, I’ve never once considered that hotels are obligated to furnish my bathroom with culturally appropriate hair products. Like Halsey, I’m biracial and that comes with a whole mess of hair problems both black and white people rarely consider. It has never occurred to me to complain about it. I’ve brought my own or made due in the rare case when I had none.

Also, what woman travels without her own hair products? It’s like traveling without a bra. It isn’t done!

Of course, there’s a deeper issue to consider here – one that would take an entire op-ed column to dissect. Halsey is beautiful and talented, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t carry her own insecurities about being a “person of color” while looking like a white person. It must be exhausting to have to explain yourself every time you want to share in cultural talk or observances. It isn’t hard to imagine she’s had to defend herself on all sides of this issue at one time or another. And she’s quite young – still at the age when a young women is trying to find herself and carve out an identity. She’s not an idiot or a brat…she’s just a girl trying to belong somewhere and trying to remind people that she does belong somewhere.


I don’t resent her for that.

But honey, this is not the molehill to die on.

Also, hotel shampoo isn’t racist. Bring your own. Problem solved.



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