Google's Top Search Result for Pro-life Groups is STUNNING

If you’re curious about what pro-life organizations might be out there but just aren’t sure how to find them, what’s the first thing you do?

Google, of course!


Some of the top groups you would expect to see in such a search might be like Students for Life or Right to Life or March for Life.

However, if you’re using Google the first result you’ll see is for….

Planned Parenthood?

A Twitter user said he heard a report on the news about it and tried it himself to see if it was true.


I did the same search and got the same results. As of Sunday, March 4th 2018 at 1:34 p.m PST this is what you’ll see in the Google results for “pro life organizations”.

How much money did Google take from the nation’s largest abortion provider to put their name at the top of this list?

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen!

I tried the same search at Bing and Planned Parenthood was (rightfully so) nowhere in sight.


I did the same for Yahoo and likewise, there was no Planned Parenthood poppycock.

Few people are unaware that Google skews its search results. They are a private business and while it might be to the detriment of their customers, they can run their business however they like within the law.

What is most disturbing is that if money did change hands for this, that is our money. Taxpayer money. Which is outrageous.

Google has provided financial support to pro-abortion groups in the past, including The Center for Community Change which honored Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards as their “Change Champion” in 2017.



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