The Oscars Get the "Honest Trailers" Treatment

I wait anxiously for an Honest Trailers release every Tuesday. If you’ve never seen an Honest Trailer…where have you been? They’re only the greatest things ever! They tell the truth about the pablum Hollywood feeds us while making you laugh at the same time.


Anyway, they’ve released their Oscars trailer and if you’re like me, you could use a good laugh right about now. The Honest Trailers guys break down each Best Picture nominee, including but not limited to:

Saving Lots of Privates – otherwise known as Dunkirk.

The Darkest Hour – a movie about all the talking that was going on at the same time as time as Dunkirk.

The Fish Banging Movie – otherwise known as The Shape of Water (and starring Rush Limbaugh guest host and conservative Hollywood actor Nick Searcy).

The movie that upset peach farmers – Call Me by Your Name.

The movie that was so good that  Sam Rockwell will never be known again as just “that one guy”…now he’ll be “that one guy from the Oscar movie” – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (also featuring Nick Searcy!).

And of course, The Post – a movie so calculated to win an Oscar it should have had “Academy Award Winner” in the title.

And there is a little nod at the end to the comic book movies that weren’t nominated for anything but should have been.



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