WATCH: 7 Things You Should Know Before Talking About Guns

The gun conversation is in full rage-mode these days. With an estimated 300 million+ guns in this country, it’s hard to believe so many people know so little about them.


Our friends at We the Internet TV put together a helpful video for your friends who insist on talking about guns but in actuality know nothing.

Comedian Lou Perez lays out seven points on guns that every person should know before taking up the “gun control” debate.

For instance, Perez points out:

If you use automatic and semi automatic interchangeably, you’re gonna sound confused…like that one time I went wine tasting with my cousin and he kept calling the Pinot Noir a Pinot Grigio and when I corrected him he said, “Check out Sideways over here”. Everyone was laughing and I said, “Haha, you mean Paul Giamatti,” and now my cousin won’t stop calling me Pinot Giamatti. So imagine that idiot calling for a national conversation on wine.

And the “AR” in “AR-15” doesn’t mean “assault rifle”…it’s a brand.

Perez also suggests that for practical purposes gun control chatters should know the difference between a gun and a penis.

You’ll have to watch the video for more background on that gem of advice.



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