Smart Girl Podcast: An Interview with 'An Open Secret' Producer Gabe Hoffman

Redstate has been steadily covering the now regular stream of breaking news coming out of Hollywood in regards to their depraved indifference and even abetting of major sex crimes and scandals. However, while this might be new information for some of us, others have been covering the issue for quite a while.


Two years ago an independent documentary titled “An Open Secret” chronicled the disturbing pattern of pedophilia in Hollywood. Included was the story of five brave young men who stepped up to share their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of some of the entertainment industry’s most powerful and influential players.

When the Weinstein story broke, the movie (which had been effectively blacklisted from distribution and film festivals) skyrocketed in views from barely 200 to over 3 million.

Producer Gabe Hoffman joined the Smart Girl Podcast to talk about the film, the scandal, and what’s next for Hollywood in the wake of all these charges.

You won’t want to miss this fascinating interview.



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