The New Yorker Reveals the Cover They Would Have Used if Hillary Won

Remember when everyone in the media was pretty much convinced Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS? Remember how every major mainstream network started out election night with giddy, gleeful anchors who were already discussing what Hillary’s mandates would be after she won the election? Remember how they couldn’t even feign objectivity when their Hillary dreams were crushed?


It seems like those people wouldn’t want to be reminded of just how astonishingly wrong they got everything about Election Night 2016, but perhaps that’s one of the reasons we have a President Trump in the first place – the liberal never seems to learn their lessons.

The New Yorker decided they were gluttons for punishment and released the cover they had planned to run after Hillary’s victory. If you’re with her, it will make you sad. If you’re like the rest of us, it will make you laugh out loud. In their September 13th cover story, The New Yorker writes:

Over the past ten months, many Americans, regardless of how they voted, have contemplated what life would have looked like if Hillary Clinton had been elected President on November 8, 2016. In at least one respect, we can now share a definitive answer. Above is the cover “The First,” by Malika Favre, that The New Yorker would have published had Clinton defeated Donald Trump to become the first female Commander-in-Chief.



It induces side-splitting laughter to think of The New Yorker editorial staff patting themselves congratulating each other when they gave the final approval of this cover. They must have been so thrilled to think their cover would be a part of American history. It might have even earned a spot in the Smithsonian!

Instead – having made absolutely no plans for a Trump win – they ran this cover.




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