Edgy Comedian DARES to Ridicule Donald Trump [Video]

There are many different types of comedy to be appreciated, but the best comedy always pushes boundaries and ruffles some feathers. These days it seems like the majority of comedians take “edgy” to mean constantly berating and ridiculing President Trump. This isn’t to say he doesn’t deserve to be berated or ridiculed, but when every comedian is ALL TRUMP ALL THE TIME it makes one wonder if any of these comedians know what “edgy” means anymore.


We the Internet TV recently released a sketch about this very subject and it is a hilarious take on the non-hilarity of the tiresome “edginess” of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Not every comedy routine needs to remind us that we’re supposed to be filled with rage and hate every day. At this point, a comedy set that isn’t about Trump would be pretty edgy.


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