Billy Bush: My Daughter Was 'In Tears' After Trump Fiasco

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Billy Bush has been keeping a low profile since last year. There aren’t many Americans with a television who won’t remember that the former NBC host was disgraced after video of a lewd conversation between Bush and Donald Trump surfaced just before the election. In the 2005 interview for Access Hollywood, Bush can be seen laughing with Trump as now POTUS bragged about grabbing women in their genitals.


In an interview with Good Morning America Bush finally opened up about the fallout from the scandal. He describes his shame when his teenage daughter called him in tears after the video was released.

‘Once we settled and got to connect, there was a powerful moment when my now 16-year-old daughter called me in tears and she was really upset and I said, “Mary, it’s going to be okay. You know, don’t worry.” And she said, “No, why were you laughing at things that he was saying on that bus? Why were you playing along, dad? It wasn’t funny.’

Bush told GMA host Robin Roberts that he had “no good answer for that.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Bush went on to say that his youngest daughter refused to watch the tape, while his eldest had a more visceral reaction.

‘My 18-year-old is more of a fighter. She was like, “All right, who do I need to take out?”


The GMA interview is set to air this Tuesday. As for Bush, he seems to be making an effort to move forward from the public embarrassment with the aid of self-help personality Tony Robbins.

‘He walked to the end of the stage, and he pointed at me in the middle of his thing, and he said, “One moment in your life does not define who you are.”




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