NY Post Editor Delivers His Own Baby on the Side of the Road

For most people in America Fridays are exciting because they’re the end of the work week. For New York Post editor Seth Mandel, this Friday was a bit more exciting than usual.

Mandel and his wife Bethany – a popular conservative columnist for The Federalist and Acculurated, among other outlets – had been expecting their third child any day. The couple were on their way to the hospital Friday morning when at some point Bethany realized their baby was not waiting and on the way. With no other choice, Seth pulled the car onto a gravel road, called 911 and followed their instructions, delivering his own baby while waiting for the EMTs to arrive.

The story was shared on Twitter and Instagram by Bethany and Seth.

Congratulations to two wonderful people. From all of us here at Redstate, Mazel Tov!