How Many Tweets Does it Take to Get Free Chicken Nuggets for a Year? 18 Million


Carter Wilkerson is a student with a love for chicken nuggets. In fact, Carter loves chicken nuggets so much he actually tweeted to the Wendy’s account to ask how many retweets it might take for him to get a year of free chicken nuggets.


To his surprise (and clear delight) Wendy’s responded:

And thus began #NuggsForCarter. Others chipped in to help the fowl fan:

Wendy’s probably thought Carter was joking, but some men are serious about their nuggets.


Carter has over 1 million retweets so far. Some people think this is silliness and like to roll their eyes at meaningless viral ploys like this.

I think it is a nice change of pace from the perpetual outrage of social media. Perhaps Redstate could join the #NuggsForCarter campaign? Isn’t that what America’s all about? Helping hungry students procure free processed meats?

And we do love America. Go, Carter!



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