Hilarious: Comedian Lou Perez Educates John Oliver on School Choice

It’s my favorite time of year! No, not National Donut Day. It’s National School Choice Week and having been a pro-choice (SCHOOL choice) activist since my days in non-profit education services I relish the chance to promote the cause of civil rights in education while having some social media spotlight shone on the issue.

WeTheInternetTV is a “comedy web show about politics, current events and everyday life with new episodes every Thursday and Friday.” Comedian and cast member Lou Perez recently did a stellar takedown of HBO’s John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) after Oliver devoted a show to the problem of segregation in our schools.

Oliver is funny and segregation is indeed a real problem in modern public schooling but Perez astutely points out that the glaring omission from Oliver’s schtick about segregation is that school choice is one the best options to fix said segregation. As Lou reminds the former Daily Show comedian:

“The problem is that even though Brown v. Board of Education made it illegal to have segregated schools if you have segregated zip codes – and your zip code determines what school you go to – you still have segregated schools. It’s kind of like how it’s illegal to discriminate against gender, but if you only recruit employees from that weird sword store in the mall you’ll get a mostly male IT department”

Perez also does a great send-up of the comedy devices guys like Oliver use to make their weak arguments seem well-thought out and widely admired. It’s a great five minutes of light-hearted but brilliant exposition on why school choice is indeed a vital civil rights issue.