Dear Celebrities: Please Stop Condescending to Your Fans, Shut Up and Act

Dear Celebrities: Please Stop Condescending to Your Fans, Shut Up and Act

Today Redstate covered yet another sad, serious, somber celebrity video begging politicians to fight off the big, bad boogie man named Trump. This one is even more embarrassing than the clueless electoral college video or the videos before that begging Americans not to vote for Trump.

In this video celebrities like Sally Field, Jeffrey Wright and comedian Keegan-Michael Key shift their political panhandling focus toward Congress. 

The video asks viewers to sign a petition to be sent to members of Congress, so yes it’s just a data grab for the left. I know you’re shocked. The ad was created by the social media campaign Humanity for Progress, formerly known as the pro-Hillary Clinton group, Humanity for Hillary. Featuring an array of stars from Sally Fields to the guy from WestWorld, Jeffrey Wright, all of whom issue “demands” to Congress and to a President Trump.

My colleague already covered why this video is ridiculous, including the fact that their complaints about violence in the name of Trump have almost all turned out to be hoaxes. But why let the truth get in the way of a good fundraising video?

Celebrities are forever complaining (legitimately, by the way) about how their jobs make it hard for fans to see them as “real people” and yet expect us to be moved by their overwrought appeals about the things that affect “real people” every day.

These are people who live in upscale communities, behind gated walls, in the shadow of bodyguards and personal assistants. Even the ones who think they are living “regular” lives by eschewing the protectors and gated communities are still afforded a level of privilege that the rest of us can only dream of. They buy what they want, vacation where they want, and eat where and what they want. They don’t have to bother themselves with the same small, everyday decisions as the average American struggling to make ends meet.

They are completely detached from real life in this country, and yet are unable to censor themselves and their every fleeting political thought as if what they think matters more than what we think. This video is the perfect example of the disconnect between celebrity culture and their consumers.

Someone needs to offer these folks a reality check, and I’m happy to do it.

Celebrities,  it’s time for you to understand that you don’t live the lives the rest of us do and even your biggest fans understand this.

You aren’t forced to live in the ghetto or deal with the same laws that punish small businesses or law-abiding citizens. Your fame and your wealth insulate you from the consequences of massive legislation like Obamacare. You have the luxury of judging others for feeling concerned about unchecked illegal immigration because you’ll never have to live in a community where the repercussions of that policy are apparent and dangerous. You’ll never have to send your child to a school with metal detectors, so of course you’re against school choice. There are no consequences for you or the people you support.

While the rest of us live in the real world, you live in a world of make believe where everything around you is designed to make you look better than you do and sound better than you do. Your Twitter feeds are filled with adoration over every sentence you utter and your lives are surrounded by “yes-people” whose livelihoods depend on you staying happy and your ego staying unbruised. Even the structure of your job is a lie…you get paid to say words someone else wrote.

Even the most dedicated of your fans understand this and it’s why no one really takes you seriously when it comes to politics. How can we? You live in a fantasy world. I mean, you guys can’t even understand the purpose of the Electoral College and why that “popular vote” is meaningless in the world of American politics. My daughter is nine and even she gets it. That’s probably because she doesn’t live in an echo chamber with hair and make-up available at a moment’s notice.

You’re embarrassing yourselves and alienating fans. This latest video is particularly pathetic because it spits in the face the very people who buy your movies and watch your shows. Congress is an elected body. Who elected a near supermajority in both Houses? THE VOTERS. How ignorant and disconnected do you have to be to demand the very people who voted for the massive change we saw in November didn’t understand what they were doing in the first place?

Instead of berating your paying customers for having minds of their own, why don’t you berate your own party for getting you here in the first place. There is a reason the Democrat party lost so massively and it has nothing to do with xenophobia or racism considering Trump won many counties Obama carried in both ’08 and ’12. Direct your anger and condescension at those people. They’re the ones who win and lose elections. It is their job to convince the American people that their agenda is best for the country.

It’s your job to look pretty and entertain me. Literally.

As a fan I find it increasingly difficult to buy tickets to your movies and watch your shows when you are so blatant about your disdain for my point of view and condescension about my intelligence. You don’t know more than I do. You don’t know more than my neighbor does. You aren’t smarter than us. You’re just richer. And if we’re to believe what you’re telling us about Trump, money makes you stupid.

Please stop being stupid and get back to entertaining us. It’s all you’re there for. If you want your job to mean more, quit and find a new line of work in the real world. Otherwise, shut up and act.

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